Cresanti's Corner: IFA 2020

Cresanti's Corner
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Hello Everyone,

We are quickly approaching one of the best events of the year — IFA’s Annual Convention 2020. As the excitement and anticipation amps up, I encourage you to check that you have completed your registration for the event and have booked your stay for your time in Orlando. 

Get ready for the intensive learning labs and summits, thoughtful speeches given by award-winning authors and leaders of the industry and networking opportunities beyond compare. We are thrilled that we will be seeing you soon. Make sure to check out our top tips for networking at large events and our blog with lists of activities going on in Orlando during your trip, such as comedy clubs and Disney World visits.

IFA 2020 is set to be a fantastic time to widen your perspective as you receive industry insights catered to your franchising profession. Expect to leave this event with tools and perspectives that you can bring back to your business and relay, spreading new ideas and encouragements throughout your entire brand. Franchising’s future starts with us, and we can’t wait to help shape it together.