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As more businesses get back to business, Jani-King franchisees are realizing the potential of this ever-growing industry. Whether it’s traditional janitorial services or on-demand disinfecting applications, the commercial cleaning industry proves itself to be a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to own their own business.

Prior to the pandemic, janitorial services were seen as only one part of a business’s overall operations. Now, the importance of a clean, healthy building has taken center stage and Jani-King’s franchisees are enjoying the spotlight.

But it’s not just high-touch surfaces like light switches, doorknobs and hand railings that are getting attention for needing regular disinfecting to better protect against viruses. The air we breathe plays a critical role in our health; and reducing the transmission of viruses and germs is essential to helping keep facilities healthy.

To that point, Jani-King has recently dedicated additional resources to research and technology that’s proven to be effective in cleaning air particles such as hydroxyl generators. Hydroxyl generators work in a way that is most similar to ozone in the sense that they produce oxidizing gasses that break apart molecules. We’ll spare you the detailed science behind Hydroxyls, but know that if you’re a Jani-King franchisee you’ll have someone working in your corner identify the latest, greatest technology that can help grow your business.

There’s never been a better time to join the commercial cleaning industry, and there’s no better support for your business than that provided by Jani-King. Jani-King has been in business since 1969, we have more than 120 local offices that support 7,500 franchisees around the world. Our brand is well-respected in the industry and our low-cost franchise program provides complete training, administrative and operations support, and access to equipment, uniforms and more.

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