AlphaGraphics Makes It Happen with Focused Marketing Efforts; Sees Record Month in Sales


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When AlphaGraphics became a part of MBE Worldwide in 2017, no one could have predicted the challenges that businesses would be facing just a few short years later with the Covid-19 pandemic. Like most other business owners in 2020 and 2021, AlphaGraphics franchisees were facing sales challenges, increased supply costs and a host of other issues. While being part of a franchise helped to mitigate some of these issues, it didn’t eliminate them. As the pandemic reached a plateau and the future remained uncertain, the leadership at AlphaGraphics and MBE knew they needed to provide owners with additional resources and support to ensure a strong bounce back to pre-pandemic levels.

One-way leadership decided to support its owners was with a corporate-funded marketing campaign. Like most franchises, AlphaGraphics owners pay into a marketing fund and those funds are then used for the AlphaGraphics centers’ benefit. However, this campaign was to be entirely corporate-funded, focused on growing center sales and improving the brand recognition of AlphaGraphics.

In mid 2021, AlphaGraphics launched its “Make It Happen” campaign, a franchisor-funded investment. For the past year and a half, AlphaGraphics has been running a contest to help improve businesses that support their communities while simultaneously featuring the capabilities of our AlphaGraphics centers. After receiving over 600 submissions to the contest, AlphaGraphics chose three winners that displayed a strong sense of community and positivity to receive makeovers for their businesses. Tio Chilo’s, Dance Workshop, and Pleasant Air received a brand refresh and a full update of their signage, printed materials, and digital presence to help them expand and grow their businesses.

These makeovers were then showcased across social media and other digital channels to highlight what AlphaGraphics owners can do for other businesses, and the results were incredible. Through the campaign, AlphaGraphics saw a 59,000% increase in impressions and a 40% increase in website visitors. This contributed to AlphaGraphics achieving record-breaking sales in several months in 2022.

All of this, along with other changes implemented by leadership and resilience and fortitude of AlphaGraphics franchisees, resulted in AlphaGraphics being on pace in 2022 for a record year in system-wide sales. AlphaGraphics isn’t slowing down its efforts, either, and looks to 2023 as an opportunity to build off of its current growth.

AlphaGraphics, Inc., with 265 locations in 6 countries as of December 31, 2021, is one of the largest U.S.-based networks of locally-owned and operated Business Centers offering a complete range of print, visual communications, and marketing products. To find out more about owning your own AlphaGraphics Franchise reach out to our team by email at or visit our website

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