About IFA 2020 Speaker Trent Shelton

Exclusive Insights

Who is Trent Shelton?

Shelton is a former NFL wide receiver for the Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks and Indianapolis Colts, and is now one of the most renowned motivational speakers in the nation. His audience engagement techniques range from inspirational and impactful videos to interacting with fans and networking online. Shelton’s book, The Greatest You, is considered an authentic and genuine portrayal of a mentor and friend guiding you through the steps of bettering yourself and your environment. Considered to be a toolkit for transformation, his book is only one of many outlets in which he conveys the process of potential in business leadership. Shelton founded and is the president of his own non-profit, RehabTime, which has a mission of leading people to change through determination, hope and faith.

What Will He Speak About?

You can plan to hear Shelton draw from his own experiences, both the good and bad, that made him realize you can take the circumstances and hardships you are given and use them to leverage your strength. With the deep effect of personal stories — such as when he learned he had been cut from multiple NFL teams to when he was in his darkest time after a series of life-altering traumas — Shelton wants to tell you how he found his purpose and how you can find yours too. Taking what has negatively impacted you in the past and making it into something positive for yourself is what you can expect to be doing as you listen to Shelton’s speech.  Emphasizing that your life is a journey and that there is always room for positive change, you will be receiving the exclusive tips and steps that Shelton wants you to have to be the best version of yourself, the leader you are meant to be and the skills you need to transfer all this into your business. Shelton will be speaking on Tuesday, February 11, as the Closing Keynote Speaker.

What Will You Learn?

After Shelton’s general session presentation, you can expect to feel deeply impacted and inspired. You will be able to identify the many facets of what makes a toxic environment, as well as what your strengths and weaknesses are both personally and professionally. You’ll have the right tools to evaluate some of your biggest hardships through life and your career. With that, you will then be ready to properly channel all of it into breaking free from toxic environments, learning how to maintain healthy ones and realizing how to forgive certain things from both your past and present. We are all human, we are all worthy and we all have potential. Shelton’s speech will serve as a catalyst for you to establish a happier and more positive future for you, your relationships and your business.