4 Franchise eCommerce Case Studies

Franchise Opportunities

As a franchisor, you know that operational hurdles can halt your growth and hinder your success.

Maybe you find yourself fulfilling orders for things like aprons, uniforms, and menus out of a marketing closet in your corporate HQ.

Maybe you find yourself with 12 distribution centers (and counting), seemingly necessary in order to support your growing number of franchise units.

Maybe you realize you are making it increasingly difficult for franchisees to order supplies from such a large number of suppliers, all who have their own ordering site or system.

There comes a point in every franchise’s life when you hit a crossroads:

(1) keep operating your business the way you have been and miss out on the opportunity to support sustained growth, or

(2) focus on improving your processes and systems so that you can move at the speed of tomorrow.

Operational stress becomes a time to contemplate how to create systems that will give you a competitive advantage so that you can continue to attract top business leaders to your franchise network for years to come.

Franchisors - from emerging to established - are future-proofing their business growth with eCommerce, order management, and marketplace solutions that generate game-changing results.

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Here are 4 Franchise eCommerce Success Stories:

1. A franchisor with multiple resale brands enables franchisees to extend retail sales online.

The franchisor delivered a B2B2C eCommerce experience to franchisees. Local franchise units can now extend their sales online. It empowers franchisees to self-manage their complicated consignment inventory. Customers of the franchisees are able to shop from all locations online, and complete single transactions that contain products from multiple locations.

2. A fast food franchisor automates all ordering of supplies not-for-sale, creating a B2B ordering hub for franchisees.

The franchisor created a modern, online order management solution. Now, restaurant locations can order everything they need to run their business, from any franchisor-designed supplier, via an intuitive, convenient, 24x7x365 online experience available on any device.

3. A fitness franchisor automates the supply chain, connecting global franchise units to the supplier network via a B2B marketplace.

The franchisor connected global franchise units to their supplier network via a private, B2B marketplace. Franchisees can log-on and place orders from the suppliers the franchisor assigns to them. The franchisor’s vendor management team now has options for how they want to manage relationships with their suppliers. The franchisor now has more control and a bigger picture strategy for their supplier network and service to franchisees.

4. A beauty franchise empowers salon staff to place high volume orders online instead of calling a call center.

The franchisor delivered a one-stop-shop for ordering for all salon locations. Salon stylists and staff can now browse, shop, order, and reorder products in a self-service manner. Dynamic search capabilities make ordering hundreds of line items per order fast and efficient. Customer service and sales staff who used to take orders over the phone can now spend more time developing relationships with franchisees.


Four51 has spent the past 20 years helping franchisors scale operations, streamline vendor relations, and grow franchise units via eCommerce technology and automation.

If you find yourself handcuffed by outdated processes that are keeping you from growing as a franchise, it’s time for a change. Four51 is delivering custom, scalable eCommerce, order management, and B2B marketplace solutions to franchisors that are propelling them into the future.

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