2021 Marketing, Operations & Development Toolkit Highlights

marketing operations toolkit 2021.png

IFA’s Marketing, Operations, and Development Toolkit is the key to unlocking your brand’s potential. The toolkit features proven marketing approaches, operations, strategies and development tactics to create sustainable success from knowledgeable IFA supplier members! Check out some of the highlights below:

How Fast-Growth Franchises Can Use Conversational Text Marketing to Drive 15% – 30% More Monthly Revenue

Voxie presents a case study examining Buff City Soap, exploring how they utilized Voxie’s personalized AI text marketing to connect directly to their customers during the lockdown in March 2020. Check out the impact Voxie’s AI had on this company- and discover what Voxie can do for you!

Voxie is the conversational text marketing leader that uses AI to help franchises drive instant revenue in-store, online and directly in-text.

Franchise Marketing Lessons from 2020

Now more than ever, businesses are looking to shift marketing strategies to focus largely on digital marketing. Constant Contact provides in-depth look at some of the biggest takeaways surrounding digital marketing from 2020, proving why more and more business are choosing to partner with Constant Contact.

Constant Contact makes digital marketing for your company simple, providing you with all the tools you need in one stop to create email campaigns, unique logos, google ads for your website, and more.

How Modern FinTech is Setting Up Early Franchisees for Success

Divvy offers up factors to consider when deciding on a finance management for franchises, and demonstrates how Divvy’s free management finance management system will set your franchisees up for long term success from the very start.

Divvy provides free financial management to franchisees, combining seamless expense management software with the world’s smartest business card, so your franchisees can streamline their financial operations and focus on growing their business.

Connected TV & OTT: Why You Should Consider These Digital Media Buys

Recent data shows that in 2021, CTV/OTT consumers in the U.S. will surpass 200 million, and the ad revenue on those channels will top $11 billion. Location3 explains why your company should not overlook CTV/OTT advertising for your next marketing strategy, offering up what you need to know when considering CTV/OTT media buys.

Location3 provides you with digital marketing strategies to successfully grow your revenue and customers.

7 Ways Businesses Plan to Address COVID-19 Vaccinations Within the Workplace

COVID-19 threw us all a curveball, and many of us had to make the adjustment of working from home. With vaccinations becoming more and more available, more than half of small to midsized businesses are looking to return to the office. Paychex discusses what role you should play regarding vaccinations and your employees, and provides guidance on all you should consider. Visit the Paychex COVID-19 help center for more info.

Paychex, a preferred vendor of the IFA, is a leading provider of integrated human capital management solutions for payroll, benefits, human resources, and insurance services.

The Local Business Technology Trap

Digital marketing can be multifaceted and convoluted- that’s why Scorpion encourages you to leave it to the experts. Scorpion explores how digital marketing can become very complex very fast for small businesses- and why it is most efficient to team up with a reliable marketing partner.

Scorpion is a premium provider of marketing and technology solutions for the franchise industry.

Expand Your Franchise Business With a Texting Strategy

Texting provides clear and effective communication between you and your customer, which is why more and more businesses are including texting in their marketing strategies. Zipwhip explores just a few of the many benefits SMS marketing offers to your franchise company.

Zipwhip is the world’s leading business texting software and API provider. Zipwhip increases customer engagement and drive growth through texting on an existing landline, VolP, or toll-free phone number.