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How Marketing Automation Solves a Brand's Need for Speed

With online advertising changing at a constant rate, you should fine-tune your marketing strategy and make budget adjustments on-the-go to stay ahead of the curve. Course-correcting your online advertising strategies and tweaking your marketing budget is intensive and consequential to your brand’s future, particularly if you’re a franchisor. Rapid marketing shifts will make you feel like you’re drowning if you don’t have a dynamic process to manage ongoing changes quickly and efficiently. This is where marketing automation saves the day. 
December 07, 2022
Reports & Resources

How To Best Use Your Marketing Dollars in 2023 for Your Franchise Business

The looming risk of economic recession can be tough on franchises. With more consumers cutting back on expenses, all business owners have to prepare for a possible decrease in revenue. One way of ensuring steady business to mitigate the effects of a recession is by reexamining your franchise digital marketing strategy and seeing if the marketing strategies you’re using are worth bringing into 2023.
December 06, 2022
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The Gift of Franchising - IFA Foundation and Giving Tuesday

Uplifting individuals and growing community goodwill are inescapable aspects of franchising. We are a people-first industry on the front lines in every community, everywhere. Local franchise owners are the local face of their brands with heart and drive for their local communities. There’s no question that franchise owners are committed to helping those around them, regardless of what industry, from counter-service restaurants making sure those in need are fed, to sign-manufacturers helping with covid safety materials. It’s in the franchising DNA.
November 29, 2022



Stratus Building Solutions (“Stratus”) is an independently-owned leading commercial cleaning service franchise company providing comprehensive, environmentally friendly janitorial, building cleaning, and office cleaning services primarily in the United States.

Stratus has achieved scale: system sales of ~$150 million, operating in 68 markets across North America, excellent track record of double digit same-store-sales growth and highly profitable. Stratus also has a clear path to expanding into 85 additional markets in North America and thereafter, internationally.

The profitability of Stratus is expected to ramp up significantly as it more than doubles the number of markets it operates in, and early-stage and underdeveloped markets continue to generate strong double-digit same-store sales growth.

November 28, 2022

2022 Supplier Source Book Toolkit Highlights

IFA’s 2022 Supplier Source Book Toolkit is your definitive guide to finding new supplier partners. The franchise community is constantly changing, and with that comes the need for new products, services, and expert advice. This year’s toolkit is packed with valuable insights and resources from knowledgeable IFA supplier members. The following pages showcase expert whitepapers on topics including franchise legal services, payment methods, HR and recruiting, and our supplier member directory. This issue is essential reading for your brand’s growth!
November 18, 2022


November 11th is Veterans Day, a holiday meant to celebrate and honor all individuals who have served in the United States Military. Originally called Armistice Day, Veterans Day was first a celebration of the end of World War I. In 1938, Congress officially recognized Armistice Day as a national holiday. And then in 1954, President Eisenhower signed a bill dedicating the day to veterans that served in all wars, changing the name to Veterans Day.
November 10, 2022