Apprenticeship Programs

Labor & Workforce Development

Franchise businesses are helping close the skills gap

The story of franchising has been one of opportunity, job creation and community support. Americans from all walks of life turn to franchising to find first jobs, start new businesses and learn skills that lead to successful careers in many highly-skilled industries. Franchise businesses have apprenticeship and workforce development programs in place and continue to work hard to address an emerging shortage of skilled workers.

The International Franchise Association continues to work with the Trump administration and Congress and create a pathway for Americans to have robust and successful careers. IFA is committed to creating new partnerships with government and universities to achieve these goals.

In a study of 1,600 new franchise concepts that started in the last five years, 25 percent of the founders of these businesses had previously worked in franchising either as a franchisee, employees of franchisees or employees of franchisors.

With a record number of open jobs to fill, franchising offers workers a pathway to gaining skills, high-paying jobs, and an opportunity for business ownership. 

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