International Program Materials

2014 Convention  

International Summit Track 1 Ready to Go International Summit Track 1 Choosing Countries Intl Summit Track 2 Operations Growth Intl Summit Track 2 Training and Support 

International: Setting Fees, Development Schedules, Enforcement Agreements and Preparing for Changes with Master Franchise Agreements 

International: News From Around The World 


2013 Convention  

International Summit, Track 1 - How to Effectively Evaluate the Opportunities and Risks for International Expansion   

International Summit, Track 1 - What are International Licensee Candidates Looking for from Franchisors?   

International Summit, Track 2 – Growing Your International Network  

Convention 2013: Hot Foreign Markets for Franchise Expansion in 2013  


2012 IBA/IFA Joint Conference - Expansion Alternatives   

in International Franchising  


         Alternatives to Master Franchising  

         News from Around the World  

         The Next New Wave - Private Equity Funds in International Franchising  


 2012 Legal Symposium  


 The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: What Every International Franchisor Must Know   

 Advanced Best Practices for International Regulatory Compliance   

 World Conquest: The Do's and Don'ts of International Franchise Expansion   


2012 Convention  


Conv 2012: International Summit: Track One- ABCs of International Expansion   

Conv 2012: International Summit: Track One- International Expansion Strategies: Choosing the Right Approach   

Conv 2012: International Summit: Track 2- If I knew then What I Know Now: War Stories from International Pros   

Conv 2012: International Summit: Track 2- International Market Update: Where is the Action Globally?  

Conv 2012:Expansion in New Emerging Overseas Markets: Opportunities and Challenges in Latin America, China and the Middle East 


2011 IBA/IFA Joint Conference - New Approaches and Challenges 

in International Franchising 


Selecting the Appropriate Vehicle for International Expansion 

Vicarious and Other Franchisor Liability 

How Real Estate Law and Leasing Practices Affect International Retail Franchising 

News From Around the World - Australia 

News From Around the World - Canada 

News From Around the World - European Union 

News From Around the World - Mexico 

News From Around the World - Puerto Rico

News From Around the World - United States  

2011 Convention 


Conv 2011: International Summit - International Expansion Strategies: Choosing the Right Approach 

Conv 2011: International Summit - International Expansion Strategies: Identifying Market Opportunities

Conv 2011: International Summit - Franchisee Recruiting: Identifying the Right International Partner 

Conv 2011: International Summit - Considerations for Initiating an International Expansion Plan 

Conv 2011: How to Identity and Avoid Problems in International Franchising 


2010 IBA/IFA Joint Conference - Managing Risks in International Franchising 

Avoiding and Managing System-Wide Litigation in International Franchising 

Evaluation Of Legal Risks Of Sales Representations In International Franchise Transactions 

Rebranding Franchise Networks 

Case Study on Rebranding Franchise Networks 

The Inadvertent Franchise

News From Around the World - Legislative Update 

News From Around the World - Franchise Developments 'Down Under' 

News From Around the World – People’s Republic of China 

News From Around the World - Perspective from the United States 

Using Letters Of Intent, Term Sheets And Other Interim Deal Documents In International Franchising 

Main Changes to the EU Vertical Block Exemption


2010 Convention 



2009 Convention 



2008 Convention 

Conv 2008 : International Franchising 101 

Conv 2008 : Basics of International Master Franchising 

Conv 2008 : Payments from International Franchisees 

Conv 2008 : I Know Where I Want to Go 

Conv 2008 : Using Business Format Franchising to Save the World 

Conv 2008 : International Franchise Leads 


2008 International Symposium 

2008 International Symposium on Franchising Presentations 


2007 Convention 

Conv 2007 : Am I ready For International Expansion? 

The importance of having a good situation in the domestic market before going abroad. It is about analyzing the best opportunity to develop an international business

Conv 2007 : Effective International Lead Generation 

How to identify the international potential of your concept. Which countries?  Which target market ? Who are the competitors? What are the opportunities and threats ? What are the strengths and weaknesses?

Conv 2007 : International Expansion 

Standardization or adaptation in term of Mix Marketing? The role of the local partners concerning the suppliers, the government and the consulting agencies? Where to go and why?

Conv 2007 : International Expansion from the Eyes of the Master Franchisee 


Comparing to the other mean to develop a business abroad, it deals with the reasons of choosing the franchise

International Legal Update 

Legal update from around the world. What are the emerging franchising specific laws all over the world? Which one can be benefit and profitable for the franchise?

International Expansion Commitment 

Facing  the globalization: The international issues (legal, taxes) to implement a concept abroad 

Problem Solving with International Master & Area Franchisees 

How to reduce the risk of failure by understanding the market and the importance of developing and maintaining the best franchisees relationship


2007 International Symposium 

2007 International Symposium on Franchising Presentations 




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