Advertise with IFA - Suppliers

IFA membership spans massive industries, with 1,400 brands represented and 15,000 individual franchise members. Give your brand access to this $1.64 trillion model.

By advertising with IFA, you will be connected directly to executives and decision makers. IFA offers advertising programs to match any budget, and these opportunities are only available to our members. We are vested in the success of you, our members, and the franchising industry – we only make recommendations that reinforce positive effects for our membership.

Advertise with IFA - Franchisors

Extend your marketing reach across the vast IFA membership. We are the franchising authority that has the prominence to ensure significant ROI.  

Your advertising dollars go further with IFA. You’ll be featured alongside nationally recognized brands, validating your brand presence. We drive leads directly to your website, never harvesting or aggregating leads. Because IFA is a non-profit, your advertising dollars go directly back into promoting, protecting, and enhancing the business model.  

Your IFA membership value increases when you become an advertiser. If you seek traction and revenue, advertising with IFA is the step you need to take. 90% of members who advertise with IFA renew their membership, year after year. IFA is the greatest traffic source to our advertisers’ websites, and we have the data to prove it.

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Carly Wooley

Senior Manager, Regional Advertising, International Franchise Association

Jessica Williams

Senior Manager, Regional Advertising, International Franchise Association