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History and our Expansion  

Zaxby’s founders Zach McLeroy & Tony Townley looked around their community and saw plenty of fast food or sit-down dining options but felt that something was missing. They decided to provide the freshest chicken fingers and Buffalo wings in town. That hatched a simple idea to create a fun atmosphere where food quality is of the utmost importance. In 1990, they opened the first Zaxby’s in Statesboro, GA. The concept, one of the early “quick casual” restaurants, has proven to be very successful.

Year after year, we've expanded our footprint. In the early days, it was a handful of locations throughout Georgia. We eased into the Atlanta market, then into neighboring states. Little by little, the word got out. By popular demand, Zaxby's restaurants were catching on in communities from the sandy plains of Florida to the Appalachian hills. If history is any indication, the next frontier leads us right across the Mississippi and all the way to the west coast. Assuming we're right, we think there's still time to "get in early" on what we hope will become the next big national restaurant chain. With most of our restaurants still concentrated in the southeast, that leaves a whole lot of unclaimed territory. And one day, we think there will be Zaxby's restaurants across all of it.

Proven Brand and Exceptional Culture  

We believe our culture is the soul of our brand. From the beginning, Zaxby's has been known for having just the right combination of great food, a comfortable vibe, and fun people that care about each other. Turns out, those things also translate into customer loyalty. In fact, one of our main objectives over the years has been carefully preserving the personality of the company. It hasn't been easy. But year after year, we've grown our customer base around this important nucleus. And it's made us the fastest-growing chicken chain in the country.


Zaxby’s offers innovative menu design and product development. Our training programs are aligned with the best practices in the learning industry. We offer dedicated field operations and business consultant staff. We will also provide Site selection, construction, and pre-opening assistance. Zaxby’s has award winning advertising campaigns, local store marketing tools, and community outreach programs. 


Zaxby's Franchising, Inc., actively seeks highly qualified individuals to become Licensees. Prior business experience, financial qualifications, motivation, team spirit and a track record of personal success are all important factors in our evaluation process. Prospective Licensees must have a collective net worth of at least $1,000,000 with liquid assets greater than $500K, and the ability to satisfactorily pass background checks for the following: reasonable credit worthiness, no criminal convictions, no history of extensive litigation, and satisfactory motor vehicle report. Willingness of all investors to personally guarantee any obligations that is required under the license agreement.

Financial Investment:

The initial franchise fee due to Zaxby’s Franchising, Inc. is currently $35,000 per restaurant. Zaxby’s franchisees also pay an on-going royalty rate of 6%. The initial investment to open a Zaxby’s restaurant, exclusive of real estate costs, is $367,700 - $727,500.  All of our locations are free standing with a drive-thru.

Business Established: 1994
Franchising Since: 1994
Franchised Units: 900
Company Owned Units: 140
Start-up Cost: N/A
Total Investment: $367,700 to $742,500
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