The Field Manual for Franchise Email Marketing


The Field Manual for Franchise Email Marketing

March 04, 2021
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A well-run franchise email program drives incremental value and influences revenue, and it doesn't matter if your Franchise is a single location, multi-location, multi-state, or national. Companies that invest in email solutions, resources and strategies find themselves ahead of the competitive curve.

This field manual for Franchise Email Marketing will offer you a pragmatic guide to your email program's success and ROI. It will address the top three challenges of fragmentation, segmentation, and content that franchise marketers face and offer key tactics and recommendations for your Franchise email program.

iPost is built for the Franchise.

About iPOST

iPost is an Advanced Email Service Provider (ESP) built for the Franchise. We make the complex, effortless.

About the Author: Andrew Kordek, VP of Customer Engagement

Andrew Kordek Headshot

Andrew is the VP of Customer Engagement at iPost, an advanced Email Service Provider (ESP) built for the franchise email marketers growing demands for data and hyper-personalization. Prior to iPost, Andrew was the Co-Founder and Chief Strategist of Trendline Interactive where he led the email marketing strategy department. He has held client-side positions at Groupon, Sears, and Quest Software, where he was responsible for all aspects of their email marketing program, including strategy, execution, reporting, and analytics.

With over 21 years in the email marketing industry, he is a recognized innovator, thought leader, and advocate for responsible email marketing.

Andrew is an avid blogger, frequent speaker, and contributor to the email community.