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The Roadmap to Retention: Strategies for Retaining Hourly Employees

January 03, 2023


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A reliable workforce is the motor oil of any business, but a single bad hire can bring any progress to a screeching halt. This guide explains how to improve each step of the hiring process to ultimately boost retention. You’ll learn simple strategies to consistently hire and retain top performers while avoiding roadblocks like costly turnover.

  • Attract the Ideal Applicants
  • Set Employees up for Success
  • Identify and Improve Upon Mistakes


About Sprockets

Sprockets helps franchisees improve employee retention by finding the common thread between top-performing employees and incoming applicants. Their AI-powered platform reveals what makes your best workers successful and identifies which potential hires possess the same attributes, empowering you to consistently hire the ideal applicants. Franchisees see a 43% improvement in employee retention, on average, with Sprockets!


Visit www.sprockets.ai to learn more about their hiring solution that’s trusted by numerous franchise owners and operators.



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