The Franchise Marketing Trifecta


The Franchise Marketing Trifecta

June 22, 2022

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A successful, holistic franchise marketing strategy is built upon three core pillars:

  1. Franchise development for unit growth
  2. Talent acquisition to support both new and legacy franchise locations and
  3. Customer acquisition marketing and advertising that drives revenue growth for individual franchise owners and the entire franchise system

Depending on the current state of your franchise system and your overall business goals, these three pillars may have different priorities assigned to them at any given time, but each is critical to maintaining a healthy, growing brand and business model. Data from the International Franchise Association’s annual economic report for 2022 indicates that franchising growth is expected to exceed 792,000 locations this year with a net gain of approximately 17,000 new franchise locations in the United States. Whether those new locations are part of an emerging brand or a legacy franchise system, creating sustainable growth will require an integrated strategy that positively impacts each of the three core pillars of franchise marketing.

Download this white paper to learn how The Franchise Marketing Trifecta Approach can help you maximize ROI across all three pillars.

About Location3

Location3 is the preferred marketing partner of franchisors and franchisees, delivering enterprise strategy with local activation. We partner with franchise brands to help them increase units, brand awareness, customers, and revenue. Our franchise marketing platform, LOCALACT, also gives local owners the technology and support needed to advertise their businesses online and understand campaign performance across search, social, video, audio, display, and more. We’ve been helping franchisors and franchisees successfully connect the dots between marketing strategy, creative, media and technology since 1999. We can help you, too.

About the Authors

joshAs Location3's Vice President of Marketing, Joshua Allen is responsible for developing and executing Location3 brand strategies and LOCALACT product marketing strategies with a focus on driving increases in enterprise B2B partnerships and new revenue. He manages an internal agency team responsible for media buying, content marketing & SEO, PR/communications, business development and event/trade show planning, while also collaborating with Location3's executive leadership team in growing new client relationships and revenue.

veraAs Location3’s Vice President of Digital Strategy, Vera Shafiq is responsible for developing and  leading strategic initiatives on behalf of Location3 partners to help them achieve business goals and grow revenue. She began her career as a computer programmer writing search algorithms before Google was an industry giant and launched a boutique digital marketing agency in 2004, which grew over 12 years to be a leading provider of build-your-own-websites, hosting, SEO and social media marketing. Since then, she’s helped businesses large and small, in a variety of verticals (home services, luxury real estate, healthcare, insurance, e-commerce) unlock growth with data-driven marketing strategies.


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