The Franchise Digital Advertising Playbook


The Franchise Digital Advertising Playbook

May 20, 2021


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According to the Local Search Association, 63% of local searches are made by consumers still undecided on a service provider or retailer.

Franchisees need to attract local shoppers with the right message at the right time, but the problem is, that's really hard to do. With markets and consumer demand more localized than ever, what are the best strategies for franchisors and franchisees to maximize sales for each location in a network?

Find out in Netsertive’s latest guide, The Franchise Digital Advertising Playbook for High-Ticket Products and Services.

About Netsertive

Netsertive is the leading digital advertising solution for multi-location brands and franchises. Founded in 2009, over 1,500 retailers, franchises, auto dealers, and media companies use Netsertive's award-winning technology and team to run localized, digital advertising campaigns at scale. For more information on how Netsertive offloads the burden of executing hyperlocal search, display, social, video, and connected TV campaigns at scale, while providing national and local ROI analysis tools, visit or send us a message at

Author: Erin Martin, VP of Marketing, Netsertive

Erin MartinAs VP of Marketing, Erin is responsible for leading Netsertive’s demand generation and communications functions, and holds over sixteen years of experience in the marketing technology space. Prior to Netsertive, she served in various leadership roles at Mixpo, an ad tech company acquired by Netsertive in 2017, which spanned marketing, client services, and operations.

Her happy place is where marketing and operations collide, and is passionate about creating systems that put the right people, process, and technology together to do extraordinary things. She applies the same type of analytical thinking to her personal life and enjoys finding areas where work and life principles coincide. Erin is an active outdoorist , mother of two, and host of the new Podcast, The Multi-Location Marketing Leader.
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