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Leveraging Virtual Receptionists to Address Workforce Challenges

September 01, 2023


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In this whitepaper, Karen Booze from AnswerConnect looks at how virtual receptionists can help address some of the key workforce challenges franchise businesses face. By examining current growth trends and prevalent workforce issues, this paper poses solutions for franchise owners across all sectors. The use of virtual receptionists and answering services is on the rise, and this paper looks at how these services are revolutionizing customer service by combining human answering 24/7 with marketing-leading technology. Moreover, the paper illustrates how virtual receptionists effectively address workforce shortages, providing flexibility and scalability to adapt to dynamic business demands. The advantages of employing virtual receptionists are discussed, particularly in the context of enhancing the customer experience. This paper also outlines best practices for training and integrating virtual receptionists seamlessly into franchises. Real-world examples highlight successful implementations of virtual receptionist services in franchise businesses, illustrating their impact on business growth and customer satisfaction.



Author Information:

Karen Booze, CFE

karen booze

Karen is a high-performing sales professional with 18+ years of experience driving revenue results through working with a large team of salespeople. As a Certified Franchise Executive with a passion for human-lead connection, she excels in finding scalable growth solutions for franchise businesses across the US and Canada.