Evaluating Print-On-Demand Suppliers For Your Franchise


Evaluating Print-On-Demand Suppliers For Your Franchise

October 20, 2021


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Are you fluent in print lingo, like substrate, die-cutting, and saddle stitch? Do you know the basic services a leading print-on-demand supplier should offer? If you answered No to one or both questions, you might need guidance finding the right fit for your franchise.

This whitepaper provides a valuable blueprint for evaluating a print-on-demand partner. Since your franchise has unique goals, print needs, and pain points, knowing what elements to look for and appropriate questions (to ask of your business and prospective supplier) will ensure your research and assessment produce a top candidate.

When finished, you will not only walk away armed with a list of relevant questions but understand how to apply the answers to your franchise and determine if a supplier’s expenses + capabilities = a true cost-effective solution.

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Author: Danielle Stiehl, VP of Emerging Markets, Xpressdocs

DanielleDanielle is the VP of Emerging Markets at Xpressdocs and is responsible for Sales and Market Development. She leads a team of Solutions Consultants who focus on curating Marketing Automation and Integrated Brand Management solutions for Xpressdocs’ clients. Prior to arriving at Xpressdocs, Danielle was the CEO of Amazingmail®, where she successfully brought their proprietary Automated Direct Mail platform to market.