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U.S. Commercial Service – Your Passport to Global Success

US Commercial Service

U.S. franchisors looking to go global have a great resource in the Commerce Department’s Global Franchising Team anchored by the U.S. Commercial Service, the trade promotion unit of the International Trade Administration. Through a global network of trade specialists located in 109 domestic offices and at U.S. embassies and consulates in 80 countries, the Franchising Team provides a comprehensive range of customized services to help American franchisors achieve their international expansion goals. These services include:

Educational webinar series that highlight key opportunities in growth markets. • Business counseling on the development of international expansion strategies. • Customized market research reports on international franchising opportunities. • Customized search strategies and programs based on ideal candidate profiles. • Screening of potential master licensees and area developers. • Scheduling of one-on-one meetings and local country briefings. • Participation in trade missions, USA pavilions, international seminars & conferences. • Expert guidance on industry and trade policy issues.

There is a whole world of international franchising opportunities to explore. Visit the U.S. Commercial Service’s Franchising Emarket Express for the latest information on market research and franchising events at www.buyusa.gov/eme/franchising.html.

To learn how the U.S. Commercial Service network can help you export your franchise concept, contact a Franchising International Trade Specialist in your region:

California: Kristin Houston, Newport Beach, CA Tel: (949) 660 1688 x 314 Email: Kristin.Houston@mail.doc.gov
Colorado: Lana Lennberg, Denver, CO Tel: (303) 844 6623 x 13 Email: Lana.Lennberg@mail.doc.gov
Florida: Kathryn Dye, Fort Lauderdale, FL Tel: (954) 356 6640 x 10 Email: Kathryn.Dye@mail.doc.gov
Kentucky: Mona Musa, Louisville, KY Tel: (502) 582 5066 Email: Mona.Musa@mail.doc.gov
Missouri: Margaret Gottlieb, St. Louis, MI Tel: (314) 425 3348 Email: Margaret.Gottlieb@mail.doc.gov
New York: KL Fredericks, New York, NY Tel: (212) 860 6200 Email: KLFredericks@mail.doc.gov
Texas: Elizabeth Graham, Grapevine, TX Tel: (817) 310 3744 Email: Elizabeth.Graham@mail.doc.gov
Washington: Young Oh, Seattle, WA Tel: (253) 973 5386 Email: Young.Oh@mail.doc.gov
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