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Franchise document libraries made simple. Searchable, online document libraries users can access from anywhere, on any device. Write once, update everywhere, re-use content, improve accuracy, and lower maintenance costs.A growing document library doesn't need more people, it's needs a better way of doing things.

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Is Your Franchise Document Library an Asset? Or a Liability?

Your franchise knowledge content should be a leverageable asset for growth and franchisee success. Three aspects determine whether your documentation is effective as both a training tool and as reference material for experienced operators:

Design: For an early-stage franchise the quality of your documentation can set you apart from other brands or level the playing field with more established ones. Your documentation reflects your brand. Make sure it’s an asset.

Accuracy: It’s simple to be accurate when you have a single operations manual, but harder to do when you add marketing, store development, recipe guides, and training manuals. More authors and more audiences for shared information can create liabilities. You need governance to ensure accuracy. Keeping documents in synch reduces confusion and litigation.

Distribution: As much as 60% of your Google Drive, Dropbox, or intranet is not useful. Worse, the clutter makes it harder for experienced operators to find quick answers without reading through 1,200 pages. Structured, searchable content – available on a mobile device – is what franchisees expect and a directory of PDFs doesn’t cut it any longer.

White Deer Group addresses all three critical areas so you can leverage your documentation as an asset and grow your brand.