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Franchise document libraries made simple. Searchable, online document libraries users can access from anywhere, on any device. Write once, update everywhere, re-use content, improve accuracy, and lower maintenance costs.A growing document library doesn't need more people, it's needs a better way of doing things.

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Manuals and Legal Compliance
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Transform content chaos into beautiful order.
Franchises need replicable procedures that reinforce the strength of their brand and protect the franchisor/franchisee relationship. We can help you build a flexible documentation system that accommodates change.

We work with companies from all industries. Our clients are emerging brands, global franchises, and Fortune 100 companies.

We will help you maximize your investment and minimize your waste. Your systems should build on themselves from one stage to the next, always planning for change and managing the old along with the new.

Manual Makers

Emerging Stage

We’ll get you going in the right direction with a basic manual, but we’ll also make sure you’re ready for what comes next. You shouldn’t have to start over when your franchise grows. Our system builds on a foundation to grow with you.

·         Standardized operations manuals

·         Training guides

·         Employee manuals

·         Quick reference guides


Growth Stage

Your franchise partners are likely more experienced, your vendors more diverse, and your internal team has more units to serve. We build:

·         Customized operations manuals closely tailored to your unique processes

·         Brand guides

·         Construction and Vendor guides

·         Training guides and ‘Train the Trainer’ programs to leverage your content

·         Document management to account for change and growth

·         Standardized Marketing and Real Estate tools


Your manuals and documents are no longer just a legal requirement; they represent your brand to people who are accustomed to working with mature brands.

·         Documentation Audits: remove redundancy and inconsistency, mitigate risk, leverage content, and improve efficiency

·         Custom document creation

·         Document change management services and maintenance calendars

·         Content distribution, e-learning, and self-service options

·         Print, PoS, and web-based document access and distribution

·         User rights management

·         Custom app development, crisis scenario planning, and business readiness communication