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Known for our exceptional service and support, Vya is a marketing technology and fulfillment company. With the Vya system, our online marketing portal, franchisors provide franchisees easy access to marketing assets, simplify brand-approved customization, provide turnkey campaigns and kits (LTOs, grand openings, etc.), manage custom creative requests, enable ad resizing, distribute enewsletters on behalf of their franchisees, and more. Combining our system with our print production services and promo products, Vya simplifies local campaign execution end-to-end.

Cincinnati, OH
United States

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Marketing/Public Relations
Direct Mail
Brand-Consistent Local Marketing - Simplified

At Vya, we believe the best solutions are the simplest.

Vya’s online marketing portal, ranked best by clients for ease-of-use, is backed by the dedicated support of our people. Combined with our print production, fulfillment, direct mail, and promotional products services, Vya provides a streamlined solution for local marketing execution.

Two Men and a Truck

We work hand-in-hand with our franchise clients, delivering a solution that enables them to:

  • Provide franchisees an “online shopping” experience for accessing, customizing, ordering, and fulfilling branded marketing materials
  • Allow local customization while ensuring brand consistency
  • Efficiently manage the creative process
  • Establish tiered workflows engaging regional managers
  • Automate workflows for managing custom creative requests
  • Let franchisees enroll in multi-channel campaigns, setting up several initiatives at once
  • Automatically order LTO / seasonal kits on behalf of franchisees with quantities appropriate for each location
  • Apply data from franchisee profiles to auto-populate fields on materials (e.g. local contact information, pricing for menus)
  • Manage ad resizing and distribution
  • Automatically distribute enewsletters on behalf of franchisees
  • Manage and track local marketing spend by franchisee
  • Enable multi-unit franchisees to manage multiple locations from one account

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