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Uberall helps the world’s largest and most innovative brick and mortar businesses stay relevant and profitable by driving online discovery, in store visits, and repeat purchases. Its local digital marketing platform, Uberall CoreX, helps streamline and simplify the management of location data, localized campaigns, and online reputation across platforms like Google Business Profile and Apple Maps.

Uberall, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany, services over 1,850 multi-location businesses across 170 countries.

Detroit, MI
United States

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Computer Software/Internet Services
Online Advertising
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Franchise Marketing Made Easy

We know growing and scaling your franchise business is hard work. Let us help with an all-in-one franchise marketing platform that increases your local reach, relevance, and revenue.

You’ll look like a hero to franchise owners who are often overwhelmed by the idea of generating leads. And you’ll rest easy knowing brand consistency is intact.

Solutions for All Franchise Marketing Models

Centralized Marketing

Want to take the marketing burden off your franchise owners and benefit from economies of scale with centrally managed marketing? We make it easy for your corporate marketing team to deploy localized content on behalf of your franchisees, whether you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of locations.

Uberall CoreX is your command center to manage and monitor all your online marketing channels, for all locations, in one place.

Decentralized Marketing

If your franchise business gives autonomy to local franchise owners to do their own marketing, Uberall can help. Empower local owners with on-brand, customizable templates for localized social campaigns, local website pages, and review responses.

Franchisee owners can choose from high-performing social media campaign creatives to on-brand review responses, customizable to their local audience.

Collaborative Approach

Sharing marketing responsibilities with your locations helps you achieve efficiencies, while also maintaining a more authentic local voice with the involvement of your franchise owners.

Bring order to a shared franchise marketing approach with Uberall CoreX. Connect all listings, local social pages, review sites and local web pages into a single platform. Customize access, workflows, push notifications, and permissions so busy franchise owners can get in and out and on with their day. And give your corporate marketing team a birds eye view for ongoing optimization.