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Tortal Training is the franchise industry’s largest training partner. Tortal offers an affordable learning management system, as well as a unique combination of strategic engagement and education that maximizes training effectiveness and meets business goals. Tortal makes effective training easy.

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Tortal Training
Tortal Training is the franchise industry’s largest supplier of training.

Our team of learning experts provides custom training solutions to help businesses thrive. Each business is different and has individual goals, as well as unique training needs. Our team can help your business identify those needs and develop specialized training focused to achieve your goals.

Along with training consultation services, Tortal offers both a free, and affordable learning management system for businesses to manage, track, and measure the success of their training. Tortal’s LMS allows training professionals to easily upload existing training materials with the self-authoring tool. This not only saves time and money, but helps you get the most out of your training materials.


Whether you need training consultation, training tools, or custom eLearning development services, Tortal can help.

Primary Services:

Learning Management System

Custom eLearning Design and Development

Training Consulting

Tortal offers a combination of strategic engagement and education that maximizes training effectiveness.

Tortal Training specializes in designing and developing custom eLearning training materials. We make effective training easier by focusing on user engagement. We are the only training partner that uses strategic engagement methodologies for organizations with distributed workforces to maximize training effectiveness in an era when talent development is essential in driving sustainable business results.

By focusing on user engagement with all products and services, Tortal Training is set apart from DIY options, LMS companies and even internal capabilities. If you want your training to have an impact on your business, then you need a partner that uses strategic engagement.

Tortal Training is a full-service eLearning provider including:

  • Learning Management System
  • Training needs analysis
  • Custom eLearning development
  • Out of the box training
  • SCORM conformance
  • Training translation services
  • Training consulting services
  • Program launch services
  • Virtual classroom
  • And more!

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