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ServiceTitan is the world’s leading all-in-one software for residential and commercial field service businesses. We support many field service industries including plumbing, handyman, duct cleaning, painting, garage door, pool, lawn care, landscaping, and many more. ServiceTitan is trusted by more than 100,000+ contractors. ServiceTitan can help your franchisees improve sales, supercharge their teams, and manage their businesses easily. We count many franchise systems among our clients and have a team dedicated to the franchising industry. Check us out if you want your franchisees to grow!

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Franchise Software That Powers Field Service Companies

There's only one software solution service industry leaders trust to keep their franchises at the cutting edge —ServiceTitan.

Power your franchise network and unlock new potential for franchisees.

Enforce Best Practices

Franchisors can upload their own forms, call scripts, and more to enforce standard procedures.

See Real-Time Data

With ServiceTitan, you can track sales, revenue, KPIs, and other critical numbers as they occur.

Strengthen Brand Presence

ServiceTitan standardizes branded assets in a snap via built-in templates, cloud sync, and more.

Deliver Five-Star Service

Finally provide customers text notifications, truck tracking, and other modern service perks.


Dealer management software that accelerates growth

With ServiceTitan, franchises finally have a platform that standardizes how business gets done, measures the data that matters, and scales with every new hire, truck, and location.

  • See real-time numbers and analytics.

  • Automate workflows and enforce best practices.

  • Rely on unbeatable support and account management.

One integrated solution to run your entire business 


Software that understands success in the trades

Stop relying on various systems to run your franchise. ServiceTitan consolidates numerous tools under one integrated platform so teams are always on the same page, data is always current, and every part of the job cycle stays under your control.

"We've nearly doubled revenue since we began using ServiceTitan. It's simply one of the smartest decisions I've ever made."

- Bob Minkert, Owner, Mr. Rooter and Mr. Electric franchises