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SeoSamba is the franchise website and digital marketing automation specialist, helping franchises build, manage, and optimize corporate sites for maximum franchise recruitment and franchisee websites for top local lead generation. Manage SEO, social network marketing, PR, advertising, across any number of websites through a single cloud-based interface. All your inbound sales phone leads, form, e-commerce transactions at your fingertips with our integrated Customer Relationship Management -CRM.

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Consolidate over 30 marketing tools under 1 simple interface for just $99 per location and per month.
SeoSamba offers turnkey brand marketing packages powered by an integrated award-winning marketing stack, including optimized website and built-in CRM connecting to our SEO, Email, SMS, Call-tracking and Social marketing platform.

SeoSamba’s unique Hub & Spoke technology amplifies marketing effectiveness as brands scale their footprint, while also bringing incremental benefits to franchise development efforts.


Whether you are an emerging or mature brand with hundreds of locations and websites, and regardless of your website platform, you can easily add the SeoSamba’s marketing toolbox to your franchise support program, and offer new digital marketing capabilities to your franchisees for just $99/month/location.

Save time, licenses fees and integration costs by consolidating over 30 marketing tools under 1 simple interface that your franchisees will love.

Create blog posts, and social updates centrally, and post to your franchisees websites, and social profiles. Create email campaigns that are automatically customized on the fly with franchisees names, headshot, signatures, emails addresses, territory names, and blog links for their local contacts. SeoSamba synchronize automatically with your franchisees CRM, and let you build newsletters digest in a few clicks from previously published blog posts. These are just few of the possibilities offered by SeoSamba sales and marketing automation software.


SeoSamba franchise marketing software supports both single, and multi-unit franchisees, and speaks 14 languages. And thanks to its U.S and European presence, franchisors can easily scale across borders to make SeoSamba part of their internationalization franchising plans.


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