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Becoming a franchisor or growing the existing system requires good advice that matches your goals. FranWise® offers sound solutions for operations, compliance, franchise relations and sustained growth. You get advice and first-rate writing skills based on 3 decades of experience to bring you consultations and manuals that are comprehensive and easy to use. We provide solutions as unique as your brand.

Costa Mesa, CA
United States

Primary Services
Franchise Consultants
Manuals and Legal Compliance
Franchise Consultants

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Franchise Counseling and Documentation
You supply the vision; we supply the wisdom.

We have been building franchise brands for 40 years, starting as the inaugural franchise for a brand new system.  We have experience working for franchise brands and have seen the strongest and weakest of operations systems.



FranWise® harnessed that experience to offer advice, guidance and counsel to franchisors who are looking to build great systems and improve operations.

We know that to build the best it takes more than consulting: It takes listening, understanding, alignment and counseling.

Whether yours is a new or established system, there are always ways to make it better.  That’s where we can help.

Improved operations systems • Franchise compliance procedures • Franchise relations • Organization review • Strategic plans • • Training • Growth!

Your brand, your future, your choice – our counseling and expertise.  It doesn’t have to be complicated – it has to be right – for you.


Manuals are thought of as boring, but good manuals start with good operations, based on thorough understanding of your system and goals and our counseling and engage the reader. 

FranWise® uses a team of writers who have backgrounds in franchising, education and certified technical writing. 

You get manuals that:

  • Reflect your brand’s culture
  • Comply with your Franchise Agreement
  • Are current with the latest regulatory requirements
  • Are easily updated
  • Are compatible with your franchise support software

Presenting & Educating

We can deliver your key messages and affect change with your staff and franchisees.  We are available for training sessions, FAC meetings and conferences.