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Finally, an app for continuous franchise improvement! Schedule, perform and analyze franchisee field audits!

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FranchiseBlast's Scorecards and Franchisee Field Audit Apps empower franchisors to achieve high brand consistency across all locations. The apps can be used by the franchise business coaches during their field visits or directly by franchisees themselves via self-assessments. Ensure franchisees understand, respect and promote your brand. Our user-friendly apps are used by over 13,500 locations.


Franchisee Scorecards: Understand Franchise KPIs at a glance. Our franchisee scorecards are an easy way to collect and combine data from dozens of sources and transform it into insights.

Franchise Field Audits: Stay informed with your Franchisee Audits. Stop things from falling through the cracks while driving accountability across the franchise.

Project Management: Organize complex processes with user-friendly project management. Our projects module is a simple way to prioritize tasks, add additional media and documents, assign team members and customize plans.

Collaboration Tools: Digital connections for your franchisees. Easily focus on what is important and simplify the collection, storage, and sharing of multiple sources of data.

Polling: Effortlessly improve data collection. We collect and store what is most important to you including P&L, insurance and more.

Our Integrations:

FranchiseBlast has integrations across many different areas of the business including:

  • Reviews and Learning Management Systems: Google MyBusiness, InMoment, Listen360, ReviewTrackers, SmarterU, Spoonity.
  • POS, Operations and Finance: Clusttech MyCampus, NCR Aloha POS, Sage Intact, Shortcuts, Vivonet.
  • Food Safety: Ecolab, Noraxx, Steritech.
  • Mystery Shopper: A Closer Look.
  • CRM: PipeDrive, SalesForce.
  • Calendar: Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar.

We offer 30-day trials. Get started today!

We offer 30-day trials. Get started today!