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IFA Supplier Members are ready to meet your franchise needs! Find everything in one place, from legal services to uniforms. Take a look at the IFA Supplier Directory and get connected with members who are committed to the franchising community.

Member Since 2019

Globalization Partners International, LLC

Globalization Partners International provides an array of translation services to help companies communicate in any language and any locale. GPI’s services enable firms to design, develop, and deploy multilingual documentation, multimedia, software and websites for worldwide use.
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Member Since 2010

West's Insurance Agency

West's Insurance Agency specializes in bringing your insurance program to life while reducing risk for both franchisors and franchisees. Our turn-key programs are designed to shift, from a franchisee to us, the worrisome burden of appropriate coverage amounts and compliance issues. You built your brand on a foundation of quality and consistency while leveraging economies of scale to secure cost savings. Why not apply those same principles to your insurance program?
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Member Since 1997


Cassels is a full-service law firm based in Toronto and Vancouver. Our Franchise Law Group is globally recognized for its expertise in all facets of franchising, from local start-up to international expansion. We offer strategic legal advice to American franchisors entering the Canadian marketplace, including: trade-mark protection, Canadianizing and negotiating franchise documents, franchise disclosure law compliance, tax and corporate structure, expansion and financing.
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Member Since 2022

Orion Investment Real Estate

ORION Investment Real Estate is a leading commercial real estate investment brokerage firm in the Western United States. With a multi-billion dollar track record, ORION's experienced brokers provide best-in-class service to the commercial real estate community. Through an individualized approach and customized marketing strategy, ORION continually outperforms its competition and delivers unprecedented value to our clients.
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Member Since 2022

OneForce Technologies

Data Breach Prevention Made Simple.

OneForce Technologies was founded in 2007 with the vision of bringing enterprise class information security solutions to small and medium sized business without the associated price tag.

Our goal is to deliver security that’s tailored to your needs. To complement your team. To bring clarity to your IT and Mobile strategy. To provide risk management solutions with a layered defense approach in plain language.

We will deliver solutions that make sense to you—that are related to your specific business needs. We call it our practical guide and common sense approach to security. Building a drawbridge with a moat is not enough these days to shield your core assets from hackers, phishers, and, yes, insiders.
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Member Since 2004

Jones & Co.

We are a multilingual law firm that focuses on franchising and intellectual property in Canada and internationally. We provide cost-effective service in multiple countries.
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Member Since 2001

Lofstrom Law Corporation

Holmes Lofstrom specializes in franchising and has established a national reputation in franchise law, representing domestic and international franchise systems from start-up through maturity. Our goal is to help franchisors achieve expansion, through practical, careful legal advice and insight gained from our extensive experience with franchise concepts at all stages of development. We offer affordable rates and do not compromise on personalized service.
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Member Since 1987

re:group, Inc.

REGROUP is a full-service, independent agency that works collaboratively to provide strategic clarity and insightful creative, which results in digital and traditional marketing programs that build brand engagement and enterprise value. Specializing in companies with a two-step distribution model, Ann Arbor, MI based REGROUP has generated demonstrable results for franchise, health care, energy and financial services companies. Our leadership has been an engaged member of the IFA since 1987.
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Member Since 2005

Franchise Business Review

Franchise Business Review (FBR) is the leading market research firm in the franchise industry specializing in satisfaction and engagement of your franchisees, employees, candidates, and customers. It's our mission to identify and recognize the very best franchise brands in the marketplace, while also helping good franchise companies become great. FBR has worked with over 1,100 leading franchise brands, including FastSigns, Sport Clips, Planet Fitness, Wendy's, and many more.
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Member Since 2011

The Riverside Company

The Riverside Company is a global investment firm focused on being one of the leading private capital options for investors, business owners and employees at the smaller end of the middle market by seeking to fuel transformative growth and creating lasting value. Since its founding in 1988, Riverside has made more than 850 investments. The firm’s international private equity and structured capital portfolios include more than 140 companies.
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Member Since 2017


Rallio provides franchise specific technology that is simple to use providing brand, content, and reputation management down to the franchisee level, and roll-up analytics to corporate. Simplify your online efforts, empower your franchisees, and drive more business at the local level. "Rally" your franchisees around your brand, and your customers around your franchisees.
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