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IFA Supplier Members are ready to meet your franchise needs! Find everything in one place, from legal services to uniforms. Take a look at the IFA Supplier Directory and get connected with members who are committed to the franchising community.

Member Since 2000

Sotos LLP

As Canada’s leading franchising, licensing and distribution law firm, with over 20 legal professionals dedicated to the industry, we provide a comprehensive range of franchise law, corporate, private equity financing, commercial, litigation, intellectual property, employment and real estate services to franchisors. We are celebrating our 40th year working with regional, national and international franchisors in every sector of the franchise industry from launch to exit including with their international expansion.
Franchise law is what we do. We have influenced the legal framework of the industry. We are highly ranked and rated in the field of franchise law, including in Chambers, Lexpert, Who’s Who Legal Global and Canada, Best Lawyers and Legal Eagles.
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Member Since 2021

Ascend Franchise Solutions

As the franchisor, you set the pace of momentum for your team. With each new unit sold, your entire network wins as you empower more people to fulfill their dream of running their own operation.

We believe there are 4 keys to Franchise Attraction: Engaged Franchisees; Elevated Operations; Improving Unit Economics; Optimized Recruitment.

The Ascend team is your guide to helping you unleash the potential of your current team and accelerate your business forward.

Next step? Let's talk about an initial assessment to take the pulse of your business and then strategize together how to shift things into a higher gear.
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Member Since 2022

Global Industrial

We can supply that.

It’s more than just our slogan. More than our mantra. It’s our state of mind.

At Global Industrial, we operate with one singular mission: to help your business run like a well-oiled machine. Over 70 years of industrial-strength know-how is built into each one of our million-plus products, helping us pave the way as an industry leader to supply a diverse and ever-changing product portfolio to corporations, institutions, government agencies, and consumers across North America.

From material handling to janitorial and maintenance solutions, including our line of Global Industrial Exclusive Brands, “We can supply that.” is at the heart of everything we do. Every time you do business with us.

Need the right partner for the here and now? We can supply that.
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Member Since 2022

Aztec Financial

We have been in business for over 25 years, bringing experience and longevity to equipment leasing and loans. We began in 1997, when we realized that there was a need for stable financing options in the cleaning and restoration industries. To meet this need and to make it possible for entrepreneurs to purchase specialty equipment, Aztec Financial launched and began assisting startups and growing businesses with their equipment financing needs. This includes selling and financing vans and custom box trucks. In 2021 we joined Taycor Financial and North Mill Equipment Finance, expanding our credit offerings and providing even more lease and loan options for our customers.
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Member Since 1993

MSA Worldwide

Our clients range from emerging franchisors where we design and develop their franchise systems, manuals, training and franchisee recruitment strategy, to some of the most recognized brands in franchising that rely on us to develop change strategies that improve their performance, their relationship with their franchisees, provide litigation support and, help them expand in the U.S. and overseas.
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Member Since 2019


We’re a team of bookkeepers who are in the business of helping people do what they love by making order from chaos. No matter the condition of your books, we can bring it all together and keep it together, so you have usable data now and for the future! We want to help your business be the best version it can be. Whether through your books or your payroll, your franchise or your small business, we make sure we do it in a way that's tailored to your needs.
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Member Since 2013

Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training

What is Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training? We help companies communicate better with their customers and co-workers. Telephone Doctor has one of Americas most popular eLearning platform:; as well as Nancy Friedman, Founder & Chairman being one of the most popular speakers across the country. Nancy has helped franchisors and franchisees rise above the mass of grey average, and raising their ROI, customer excellence and customer satisfaction. Call her direct at (314) 276-1012 or the office at (314) 291-1012. You'll be glad you did!
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Member Since 2016


At OnePoint Franchise Accounting, we exist to simplify and improve accounting exclusively for franchises. With more than 20 years of experience, we serve franchisors and franchisees nationally across multiple industries to improve business operations and reduce failure rates. Our real-time, cloud-based accounting dashboard gives you access to your most important financial information anytime, anywhere. With OnePoint as your accounting partner, you're able to focus on what you do best with the confidence that your finances are in order.
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Member Since 2022

Atlas Mapping

Atlas Mapping utilise geographic data to help franchises expand into new territory and extract more value from existing trade areas. By recognising the real problems facing franchises of all sizes, we’ve developed market-leading, innovative solutions that provide genuine benefits to our clients.

Our pioneering solutions are driven by thoroughly understanding our clients’ requirements and listening carefully to the feedback given at all stages of our projects. By constantly learning from each project and evolving our offering we ensure that you are provided with the best service possible. It is our aim to bring our world class territory mapping services to all developed franchise markets.
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Member Since 2022

Conscious Capital Growth

We're experienced leaders who have led, built, financed and advised countless successful companies. We can provide access to capital if and when that makes sense for your business.

We deliver infrastructure, resources and support, the vital ingredients for growth. We're supported by a team of industry-leading, expert advisors who are available at a cost and scale that makes sense.
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Member Since 2005

Franchise Ventures

Landmark Interactive's Franchise Ventures Group is the category leader in providing franchise development prospects. Our companies offer the leading marketplaces for connecting prospective franchisees with established and emerging franchise brands. The group includes Franchise,,,, and along with a suite of Android and iOS mobile apps.
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Member Since 2014

Marks & Klein, LLP

Law firm specializing in representation of single and multi-unit franchisees and emerging franchisors from transactional to complex class action litigation. We also represent and assist in the formation of independent franchisee associations.
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