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Member Since 2020

Canadian Franchise Association

The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) helps everyday Canadians realize the dream of building their own business through the power of franchising. CFA advocates on issues that impact this dream on behalf of almost 600 corporate members and over 40,000 franchisees from many of Canada’s best-known and emerging franchise brands. Beyond its role as the voice of the franchise industry, CFA strengthens and develops franchising by delivering best-practice education and creating rewarding connections between Canadians and the opportunities in franchising. Franchising is the 12th largest industry in Canada and franchised businesses contribute over $120 billion per year to the Canadian economy, creating jobs for almost 2 million Canadians. Learn more at: or
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Member Since 2023


ClickTecs is a specialized digital marketing agency, headquartered in Mississauga, Canada. We have made it our mission to help businesses navigate the shift from offline marketing to digital marketing by combining marketing creativity with technical expertise. With over a decade of experience in web marketing, ClickTecs has been providing digital marketing consulting services to businesses of all sizes. We have clients that span the globe from small start-up franchises to large multi-nationals.
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Member Since 2017

Titus Center for Franchising

The Titus Center for Franchising offers academic coursework in franchising leading to a bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in franchising. Housed in the Rinker School of Business, the Center also offers certificate programs in a wide variety of topics related to franchising, including: how to buy a franchise; how to franchise a business; franchise marketing and sales; franchise operations; franchise field support; international franchise expansion, and master franchisee development.
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Member Since 2023


Our goal is to provide you with flexible, scalable, and intuitive tools that save you time and get results to earn your clients trust. Whether you need to add a new offering to your toolkit, expand your services, or help your internal team reach a new audience—Traject delivers a suite of marketing technology that will hit the mark to help you grow.

We are relentless. We are optimistic. We are people first. And in the end, we are all about you.
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Member Since 2013

Franklin Covey

Franklin Covey offers the ultimate competitive advantage to both franchisors and franchisees. We have over 30 years of expertise in human development, personal and group effectiveness and productivity. Contact us about our onboarding and performance development solutions.
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Member Since 2014

ApplePie Capital, Inc.

ApplePie Capital is an innovative financial solutions provider dedicated to franchising. ApplePie provides a wealth of financial choices for franchise entrepreneurs at every stage of their development, with a diverse network of capital providers and financing solutions, including flexible, fixed-rate growth capital, SBA, and equipment/remodel financing. ApplePie’s franchise finance experts are focused on matching clients with the right capital solutions to fit their needs, maximizing growth, and reducing the headaches of working separately across individual lenders.
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Member Since 2023


MyTime is a fully integrated scheduling, point-of-sale and customer engagement platform for multi-location chains and franchises. It’s built for the enterprise, yet lauded for its ease-of-use. MyTime lets you accelerate growth through high customer & service provider satisfaction and improved operational efficiencies.
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Member Since 2005

Franchise Ventures

Franchise Ventures is the leading source for new franchisees, connecting franchise development professionals with qualified prospects through a collection of multi-channel, franchise opportunity and business-for-sale marketplaces, including:;;;;;, and
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Member Since 2009

FRM Solutions

FRM provides best-in-class franchise management services to enterprise franchisors in every vertical. With over 65,000 franchise units on all 7 continents, our clients depend on FRM’s customizable Sales, Operations, and Finance solutions to integrate siloed systems, align cross-functional teams, and increase profitability.
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Member Since 1997


Cassels is a full-service law firm based in Toronto and Vancouver. Our Franchise Law Group is globally recognized for its expertise in all facets of franchising, from local start-up to international expansion. We offer strategic legal advice to American franchisors entering the Canadian marketplace, including: trade-mark protection; Canadianizing and negotiating franchise documents; franchise disclosure law compliance; tax and corporate structure; expansion and financing.
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Member Since 2019


Careertopia Franchise Executive Search was launched in 2019 by Gary Gardner, Chairman of Franchise Update Media, Tom Portesy, former President & CEO of MFV Expositions and Scott Lehr, former Executive Vice President with the International Franchise Association. Careertopia Franchise Executive Search was established with the mission to help franchise companies build out and grow their teams with high quality franchise executives. Careertopia is exclusively focused on working with franchise companies that cross more than 100 different industry categories that use the franchise model to grow. Gary, Tom, Scott and Sean collectively have about 120 years of experience in franchising building relationships and connecting franchise companies with qualified franchise executives.
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Member Since 2021

Trifactor Video Marketing

Trifactor is an inbound video marketing agency that creates strategic videos to power your company's growth and help it reach new heights.
Our mission is to help companies grow by merging creative design, digital and video across their entire business.
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