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IFA Supplier Members are ready to meet your franchise needs! Find everything in one place, from legal services to uniforms. Take a look at the IFA Supplier Directory and get connected with members who are committed to the franchising community.

Member Since 1997


Cassels is a full-service law firm based in Toronto and Vancouver. Our Franchise Law Group is globally recognized for its expertise in all facets of franchising, from local start-up to international expansion. We offer strategic legal advice to American franchisors entering the Canadian marketplace, including: trade-mark protection, Canadianizing and negotiating franchise documents, franchise disclosure law compliance, tax and corporate structure, expansion and financing.
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Member Since 2020


To quickly connect businesses and their applications to real-time Communication and Data Quality APIs through a customer focused and adaptable environment.
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Member Since 2012

CGB Publishing

Publishers of franchise publications aimed at the potential franchise offering expert advice and top franchise opportunities. Publications in: USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Special monthly supplement on veterans in franchising.
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Member Since 2018

CGI Franchise

Maybe you’ve reached a plateau? Maybe your growth curve has gone flat, your systems have reached their limit, or your Board of Directors and investors want more? You keep trying new things…a new Chief Development Officer or VP of Development, different development directors, outsourced development, brokers, consultants, training…and you keep getting excuses and coming up way short on the results that really matter. You need more quality new Franchisees and fast, successful on-boarding of new units and you have no more money, time, or energy to waste.
What do you do? Where do you go? At CGI, we get franchise development. We have a deep understanding of how it works, what keeps the wheels rolling, and what will truly deliver shareholder value over and over again well into the future.
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Member Since 1998

Chapski & Chapski, CPAs, LLP

Chapski & Chapski, CPAs, LLP is a local forensic accounting firm. Our firm specializes in litigation support and expert witness services for attorneys and royalty auditing services for franchise companies. We have conducted over 300 royalty audits of franchisees in industries covering retail, restaurant, residential and commercial service, and automotive service. We have uncovered over $5 million of underreported royalties and advertising fees and our fees have been reimbursable over 75% of the time.
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Member Since 2007

Cheng Cohen LLC

Cheng Cohen LLC is a Chicago based law firm that provides uncompromising client service and sound and practical legal advice to franchise brands.
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Member Since 2004

Citrin Cooperman

Whether you are starting your own franchise system, expanding an established operation, or thinking about becoming a franchisee, you are going to have a lot of questions – Citrin Cooperman delivers solutions for Franchisors and Multi-Unit Franchisees.

Citrin Cooperman is proud to be home to one of the leading franchising practices in the country. With over 40 years of franchise experience, Citrin Cooperman provides a full range of services to a vast number of franchise concepts. We work with the owners, operators, controllers, and CFOs of a wide range of franchisors and multi-unit franchisees to help them establish their brands and grow their businesses to the next level. The Citrin Cooperman Franchise Practice, is comprised of experienced CFE-accredited professionals, providing franchisors and multi-unit franchisees the guidance and insight they need to minimize uncertainty, meet compliance and contractual obligations, and stay focused on serving their franchisees, customers and building their businesses.
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Member Since 2008


FUTURE PROOF YOUR FRANCHISE SYSTEM with Clarity’s Unified Communications Service. +100 national brand partners choose Clarity’s FranchisePhones® & PizzaPhones® service because we know your phone (just like your website) serves as the virtual front door. Our system combines voice, video, text, and instant messaging, freeing people to work the way they want in today’s mobile, distributed, and always-on work world while maintaining YOUR brand and operational best practices. Our pioneering Own-The-NumberTM program ensures you maintain ownership of your marketed numbers, imbed best-practice call handling and brand compliance while ensuring our USA technical team delivers customized training and troubleshooting. We see ourselves as an extension of your own team: ensuring critical communication is maintained, compliant, insightful, and fully supported.
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Member Since 1995

Clark Hill Strasburger

Clark Hill Strasburger's Franchise & Distribution Law Group provides comprehensive representation of businesses using franchising, licensing, dealership or direct selling arrangements for the distribution of goods and services in the U.S., Mexico, and Latin America, including: counseling, litigation, arbitration, and transactional work involving franchise, dealership, antitrust, supply chain, intellectual property, employment, and corporate issues.
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Member Since 2019


ClientTether is a FranDev and Zee sales automation platform that helps franchise systems boost unit sales and total franchise network revenues. Our clients enjoy 2-3 times lead conversion boosts in FranDev and with Zee performance. Our Franchisor clients use our platform to streamline franchisee communications and onboarding. FranDev teams rapidly scale their unit sales using our all-in-one sales automation technology.
Franchisees boost lead conversions dramatically, engage every lead in 29 seconds or less to maintain a strong brand experience nationally, and they reduce their overhead as we help them sell and retain their clients more rapidly. We also help clients simplify their CRM tools and reduce the number of tools and overall technology costs by providing integrated texting, calling, emailing, direct mailing, proposal building, review requests, strong automation tools, visual pipelines, robust dashboards, and more.
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