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Everyone knows how important “location, location, location” is for a business to succeed. But when opening a new franchise, how do you know your franchisor can identify where the best location for your business’ success is? Is there a specific formula to it? And what is the real estate global strategy to find the perfect location? These are questions that our team gets asked frequently when talking to potential franchisees.

Outback Steakhouse® has been franchising internationally for over 20 years and during this time has learned that there isn’t a globally effective real estate strategy. Looking for the best location depends on the local dynamic and the real estate strategies need to be evaluated based on each market. With every market being unique, Outback operates restaurants in multiple formats, such as free-standing, in-line, and in-mall. In Brazil, it is mostly common for casual dining restaurants to be located inside malls, so in-mall is the most used format; while in Australia, there is a mix of free-standing and in-line restaurants based on each location.

In the recent years, the Outback development team has also made significant strides towards smaller footprints, reduced investments, and greater design flexibility. At Outback there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach, making it critical that the development and design teams are flexible to meet the demands of an increasingly challenging real estate marketplace. Having this flexibility helps ensure local market success, while maintaining the Outback brand identity.

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