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Innovative Technology in the Cloud Takes Intelligent Tracking of Mail Pieces Above and Beyond.

Silvercrest Advertising’s proprietary Localized Media Automation Platform (LMap) is a user-friendly, state-of-the-art system that lets you create personalized, geo-targeted advertising tactics – while keeping within a pre-determined budget. Gone are the days when legacy software needed to be installed on a computer, LMap functions in any browser on any platform. Silvercrest offers a world-class cloud infrastructure allowing you to get your work done in the place and time most important to you.

Now you can integrate over various channels with customizable tactics that include – but are not limited to – print ads; door hangers; e-mail marketing; social media marketing; workplace media; business to business strategies; free-standing inserts; and solo mail pieces – to get your promotional message into the hands of the people who can use it most: the customers in your community.

But Silvercrest has gone beyond the advertising campaign to offer their clients Intelligent Tracking as well.

Intelligent Tracking allows a client to see exactly where their media pieces are and if they have been delivered. Pushing the boundaries of advertising data, the barcodes printed on mail pieces not only deliver helpful tracking information but also valuable information on the interaction of individuals and the pieces they receive.

Imagine mailing a campaign which includes a coupon offering 40% off a product. The campaign is distributed across 4 different zones for 3 months. After the third delivery, the data collected shows that zone 1 has a significant redemption rate of 98%. The advertiser can then take that data and adjust the coupon to 30% in that zone. But it gets even better, this information can be narrowed down to the individual as well. At this level, the information gives the client insight into how effective their campaigns are and allows for a higher level of customization thus maximizing exposure and engagement. Now wouldn’t you say… that’s intelligent?

Let us help you build an intelligent, strategic and measurable advertising campaign through the use of LMap and our new Intelligent Tracking.

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