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Schlotzsky's Kelly Roddy: Millennial Dining Habits


Didn’t make it to the 2018 Franchise Marketing Innovation & Technology Conference (MITcon) in Austin, TX? Hate to break it to you, but you missed out on a lot. Don’t worry, we’re happy to share some of the key takeaways from the event, including some of Schlotzsky’s President Kelly Roddy’s insights.


One particularly interesting part of Kelly’s presentation was his data about Millennial’s habits. He stressed the importance of understanding that to stay in business means to stay relevant. You have to redesign processes, capabilities, and products around the needs of tomorrow’s customers ­– now.

Here’s some of the data to help you make strategic decisions about your business:

Millennials clearly grew up learning how to share, and that’s evident in the preference of communal tables.

The opinion of friends is extremely important to Millennials.

Variety is key. Think about keeping your menus regularly updated.

These data points are crucial to your business growth, specifically because Millennials spend more money each month going out to eat compared to non-Millennials.

Be sure to show the origin of the food you’re serving, because:

And of course, your food must look as good as it tastes, because if it does, it’s going right on Instagram. On your end, make sure your social media content is shareable.

This is just some of the valuable information Kelly shared to MITcon attendees. Make sure you don’t miss out next year and mark your calendars for MITcon 2019 in Austin, TX, Oct. 23-25.