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References and Determination Help to Build Successful Janitorial Services Business




Carlos Aranda has been a Jani-King franchise owner since 2012 and has built his family’s Jani-King business to employ 23 permanent employees and more than 30 seasonal employees.  Mr. Aranda’s newest account signing is a testament to the hard work he puts forth in other accounts and his never-give-up attitude.  We asked Mr. Aranda about his business success;

Q:        What helped in your decision to choose a Jani-King franchise?

A:        The possibility to have our own commercial cleaning business with the hope to grow the business and give our family something stable and secure, which they can continue to grow.   


Q:        What are the benefits of working for yourself?

A:        Knowing that when we work in a professional manner, we will have the opportunity to grow and increase our income as well as have a solid and reliable company.

Q:        What are the benefits of Jani-King's system and regional office?

A:        Knowing that we are not alone, that we are supported by a huge company that is a leader in the commercial cleaning industry. With the strength and stability that Jani King provides, it gives us great confidence to continue to grow. Another benefit is Jani-King’s training programs that are available to us and our staff.  


Q:        What is your philosophy pertaining to clients?

A:        That each day we strive to be better in customer service, always making sure our customers feel satisfied and comfortable in the treatment and service that we offer them.


Q:        What makes you successful?

A:        To never give up, even when the situation seems like it has no solution we continue to fight with the same confidence and optimism. There is always a positive side and we take each experience as a lesson learned.