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Certificate Tracking Service   

It’s Necessary and It’s Free!    

Congratulations! Your Franchise operation is up and running, contracts are signed and filed away and your operation is growing quickly. 

Wonder who is tracking all those required insurance coverages in your Franchise agreement? Are you concerned about uncovered incidents bringing the whole system down?

Not to worry! Program Insurance Group Certificate Tracking Service is here to get those certificates organized and under control. Program Insurance Group (PIG), through its affiliate EZ@CERTMGMT.COM, will handle this for you and allow you to keep growing without the worries of non-compliant Franchisees. We monitor:

  1. Dates
  2. Limits
  3. Coverages
  4. Additional Insured Endorsements
  5. All other Insurance Requirements

Team up with PIG and we will email you monthly reports of specific Franchisees that are out of compliance and exactly where they are falling short. Program Insurance Group gives you peace of mind. We can’t stop losses, but we can help ensure that the proper coverage is in place.

So keep growing and adding more Franchisees. Program Insurance Group Certificate Tracking Service will take care of those pesky compliance issues. After all, you want insurance professionals tracking your requirements, so you can focus on the important stuff like growing and improving your brand.

Call us today for a consultation. We are ready to help.

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Program Insurance Group 


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