Our Team

Our Team

We are here for you. A current of passion and expertise runs through the IFA team, from the Board to leadership to staff. Meet the team dedicated to enhancing the values and driving the vision forward for the franchising community.

IFA Board of Directors — The IFA Board of Directors manages the operations and affairs of the International Franchise Association. Comprised of up to 75 members of the Association, the Board represents all aspects of the franchise industry—from franchisees to franchisors to suppliers—and actively works alongside the dedicated IFA staff to pursue the mission of the Association and the priorities of the franchise industry. 

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Jeff Hanscom

Vice President, State Government Relations & Public Policy, International Franchise Association

Katelyn Russell

Senior Manager, Membership Engagement, International Franchise Association

Lauren Smith

Senior Coordinator, Advertising & Sales, International Franchise Association

Lynette James

Senior Director, Sponsorships & Exhibits, International Franchise Association

Madeline Gale

Coordinator, Government Relations, International Franchise Association

Marcella Schneider

Senior Coordinator, Digital Marketing, IFA