CFO, International Franchise Association

Mike Williams serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the International Franchise Association, the world's oldest and largest organization representing the franchising industry.

Mike is a well regarded and highly-respected strategic leader who is known as a consensus builder and brings over twenty-five years of management and financial experience to his clients. Using his organizational and industry-wide leadership capabilities he was able to successfully lead and reorganize organizations ranging in annual revenue from several million dollars to several hundred million dollars as they faced major challenges.

Mike has held executive positions at several multi-million dollar organizations in a variety of industries, playing an instrumental and strategic role in guiding them through periods of great transition. He was brought into the NAB, MPAA and RIAA at key times in the evolution of those industries; he served as EVP specifically to help those organizations evaluate and restructure their internal operations, establish operating policies and procedures and improve communications with their membership.

Mike founded Mike Williams and Associates in 2006 to bring organizational and financial leadership and innovative thinking to businesses and industries undergoing transition and in need of bold organizational strategic realignment. Significant clients include serving as President of Susan G. Komen for the Cure (the pre-eminent advocacy organization fighting breast cancer), National Association of Broadcasters, SwapDrive (an online data backup provider subsequently purchased by Symantec for $135 million), Information Technology Industry Council (the trade association representing the global interests of companies on the cutting edge of technology), Semiconductor Industry Association (trade association representing the semiconductor industry), International Franchise Association, Hakkasan (preeminent club and restaurant owners), SoundExchange (the pre-eminent organization collecting and distributing digital performance royalties) and Medicia (a major pharmaceutical contract manufacturer) among others.