Lorne Fisher, CFE

CEO & Managing Partner
Fish Consulting

Besides being the oldest, most experienced, member of Fish and the agency’s founder, Lorne is also the resident brand strategist and captain of the Fish mothership. He is one of those rare PR vision-types that understands how to unleash creativity on a business problem to deliver tangible results. Lorne also enjoys telling impressionable young PR executives that he once ran with the Olympic Torch while working for the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games and even broke up a fight between Miss Piggy and Fabio during a stunt for Frito-Lay back when those things were actually cool.The best part about Lorne is that he will always be on your side. His focus is and will always remain on helping brands develop communications strategies that increase business performance. His previous award-winning work with companies such as Levi’s, Maxwell House and Orbitz led him down the path of starting Fish nearly a decade ago. When he’s not working, you can find Lorne at home in Hollywood, Florida with his wife and agency co-founder Stacey and their two daughters Stella and West. But who are we kidding, he’s probably emailing or calling you right now.