Matthew Patinkin

Auntie Anne's Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels

Mr. Patinkin has been an executive, consultant and board member for over 30 years, including both public and private companies.  He has extensive operating experience in multi-unit retail and specialty food franchising.  Matthew currently sits on three boards, participating in all aspects of strategic growth and development.  He also sits on the IFA Franchisee Forum, and is active in several committees, including the International Committee.  

Twenty years ago Mr. Patinkin co-founded Double P Corp, a multi brand franchisee which currently owns and operates almost 70 Auntie Anne's pretzel franchise's in eight states.  In 2014 he and his partners signed a Master Franchise Agreement to open a minimum of 40 new Auntie Anne's locations in Canada by 2023...the first new shops are scheduled to open in late 2014 or 2015.

Mr. Patinkin graduated from Beloit College in 1979 with a degree in Economics.  He is married, has three grown children, and lives in Chicago, IL

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