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MSA Worldwide is “the leading strategic and tactical advisory firm in franchising” according to the International Franchise Association. Our reputation is built on our proven ability in creating sustainable franchise programs that our clients can manage and grow successfully.

Founded in 1987, MSA is the most trusted consulting firm in franchising because we understand the uniqueness of each of our client’s brands and culture. We have been acknowledged for our exceptional strategic and tactical services based on the success we have delivered for our clients.

We wrote the book on franchising. Franchising for Dummies, the leading book on franchising, was written by our founder and managing director Michael Seid and the late Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s International.

Companies exploring franchising as a method of expanding their businesses frequently evaluate the potential of franchising for their companies. Developing New Franchise Systems that succeed requires first developing the strategy that is right for our clients, and then creating the tools necessary for them to grow and support their franchisees.

Established Franchisors call on MSA to improve their domestic and international performance. Business practices and consumer preferences evolve, and established franchisors need to continually develop and implement new tactics to remain competitive and grow. Understanding and adjusting business practices to deal with the NLRB's changing joint-employment determination is something MSA understands. Improving franchise sales, effectively supporting their franchisees, and maximizing brand value for both the franchisor and franchisees are just some of the reasons many of the world’s leading franchised and non-franchised brands rely on us.

MSA helps clients structure a franchise strategy based on the uniqueness of their brand, culture, and operating model. We help the mature franchisor and the company looking to become a franchisor navigate through the complexities of today's franchise landscape. The end results are higher-performing and sustainable franchise systems that meets our client's goals for both the franchisor and for their franchisees.

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