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MITcon Day 2 Recap


Wow, what a great second day at MITcon. We got started early, but the energy of the conference got us through!  We began the day with another insightful series of roundtable discussions, during which we all got to discuss our own business challenges, and get council from our peers.

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After the roundtables, Facebook’s Head of Local, Phillip Rather, spoke with us about the importance of local, and how we can use Facebook to optimize our own brands.  Did you know that 3 out of 4 Facebook users say they visit the page of a local business at least once a week?  We were surprised, too!  Phillip showed us the importance of focusing on local in our marketing strategies.


Afterwards, we broke into two learning labs.  The first was about ensuring brand longevity, hosted by a panel of legacy brand leaders.  We learned about the evolution of brands like Liberty Tax Service and Moran Family of Brands.  

The next session was about how Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we live.  We heard from Kris Zanuldin, the Head of Connected Commerce at Amazon Pay, and Sherif Mityas, the Chief Experience Offier at TGI Fridays.  Kris gave us insights about how Amazon’s Alexa is changing and developing.  

Kris and Sherif then sat down to tell us how Amazon is working with TGI Fridays to improve customer experience, and sales within each restaurant. TGI Fridays can use Amazon’s voice technology to order their favorite meals, and the AI technology will begin to remember each customer and their preferences.  The future is looking delicious!  

Our final MITcon speaker was Kelly Roddy, President of Austin’s own Schlotzsky’s Deli.  He told us how they grew from one small store in Austin that only sold one sandwich, to a huge brand with locations in 35 states.  From Kelly, we learned the importance of having an “attitude of gratitude” in everything we do.  Without this, Schlotzsky’s wound not have the Austin soul that they emulate in their restaurants. A final important takeaway was a bottle of Schlotzsky’s hot sauce for everyone!

And that’s a wrap on an amazing conference.  Stay tuned for photos, insights, and a webinar to help you remember everything from MITcon!


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