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MITcon Day 1 Recap


What a great day it was at MITcon! We learned invaluable information from the speakers, learning labs, roundtables, and our peers.  The day started off with a welcome from MITcon Committee Chairwoman, Sherri Fishman, and MITcon emcee, Jack Monson. Sherri and Jack got the crowd pumped up for the day, and got us all excited for the programming to come.


Nick Westergaard then took the stage to give an inspiring talk about the future of digital media, and how it can be used to promote and enhance brands. He talked us through seven vital aspects of marketing, including emails, social media, and advertising.  We dove into the hottest marketing trends, and how we can evolve our brands to keep up with the ever-changing climate.  Nick left us with a great quote from Charles Darwin, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.”  


Conference Emcee Jack Monson, Keynote Speaker Nick Westergaard


During lunch, we had the pleasure of hearing from three MITcon Award winners.  Drumroll please... The winners were Dream Vacations, for the Franchise Development category, Little Caesars, for the Innovation category, and Kiddie Academy, for the Business to Consumer category.  Each of the winners inspired us with their marketing and technology innovations, and gave us great insights that we can use in our own brands.


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Throughout the day, we had a series of learning labs that covered topics from the psychology behind marketing to franchisees, all the way to Blockchain technology.  These weren’t amateur sessions- we had speakers from IBM, eatsa, Neighborly, and more!  We also got to participate in a series of roundtables with our peers and franchise industry leaders.  During the roundtable session, we had the chance to discuss our own business challenges, and get advice from other brands.


Learning Lab: Winning Franchise Development Deals From Social Media


Another highlight of the day was hearing from the CMO of IHOP, Brad Haley, about the iconic IHOB campaign.  During this year, the campaign was all over the news and social media, so getting to hear from the brains behind it was unmissable!  Brad discussed how the idea came into fruition, and what the IHOP marketing team is up to now.


Brad Haley, IHOP CMO, winning the MITcon Overall Innovation Award


We can't wait to see what Day 2 brings!


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