Troubled auto industry sends car care business booming

September 14, 2021

UTICA, Mich. – The automotive industry has taken a hit over the last year, as the coronavirus pandemic triggered a shortage of microchips required to produce new vehicles.

Now, with the cost of used vehicles at an all time high, and with production of new vehicles nearly halted, people are investing in their current car -- and one business in particular is booming because of it: the car care industry.

Now more than ever, people are investing in detailing and protective coating, especially rust-proofing, for their current vehicles. But the car care industry demand isn’t just about cosmetics: Drivers understand that they have to to hang onto their older car right now, so they need to prolong its life.

“The average person right now is keeping their car for about six years; cleaning, restoring and protecting it,” said Erik Fagan from Ziebart’s in Utica. “What’s also interesting: If they do get a new vehicle -- or a newer used one -- they’ll try to keep that looking better for a longer period of time.”

According to Fagan, business at their shop is up 20% -- but nobody was surprised by that.

“Even in recession times, typically our business goes up,” Fagan said. “People hold onto and protect their vehicle. It’s their second biggest investment, next to their house.”