Maple Bear USA announces new franchise location in Mesa, AZ

September 09, 2022

Phoenix, AZ – We continue to grow! Maple Bear USA is pleased to announce we have awarded a new franchise location! Our newest franchisees are Kevin Dong and Shirley Song of Mesa, AZ. Kevin and Shirley will be opening three locations in the Greater Phoenix area within the next 5 years.

At Maple Bear, we operate in conformity with local education regulations, strive to exceed state requirements for teacher-to-student ratios, and aim to meet the expectations of all our parents no matter the culture or the country. We offer high-quality early childhood education and care for children from 6 weeks to 6 years old. All our schools offer a strong foundational program in Spanish, beginning at age 2 in our toddler program.

All our schools are safe, spacious, modern, play-based, and equipped with the latest trends in materials and technology and best practices. Maple Bear classrooms are spacious and visually stimulating; furniture, materials, and books are essential to ensure the quality of the education and care provided.

About Maple Bear

Maple Bear Global Schools was founded in 2003 in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Today, the Maple Bear network includes more than 500 open and signed schools in 30+ countries. Maple Bear Global Schools is a world leader in bilingual education, offering high-quality Infant care, Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary, and Secondary education, based on practices that place Canadian education among the best in the world. Delivered in a safe and stimulating environment and with a multicultural and student-centered approach, the Maple Bear methodology develops curiosity, imagination, experimentation, and discovery, sparking a true passion for lifelong learning.

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