Mad Science to Continue Innovating STEM Education in 2022

November 30, 2021

Montreal Mad Science®, the leading name in children’s science enrichment programs, is heading into 2022 with plans to accelerate its expansion across the globe, introduce new programs, and further develop the brand’s Loop Lab STEM subscription box collection. These plans will help Mad Science continue to address the growing demand for STEM education as the field expands.

The brand also saw an increase in birthday parties between June and October of 2021, which was assisted by COVID restrictions being lifted and more people expressing desire to participate in in-person group activities once again. Ready to pick up where they left off, Mad Science welcomed children with fun hands-on STEM programs to finish out the year. Looking ahead, the brand will use this increase in interest to fuel their worldwide expansion efforts and add on to their Loop Lab STEM subscription boxes for those who wish to explore Mad Science’s offerings at home.

“As the world adapts to the new normal, more people are coming back to us to make up for lost time and experience our take on interactive STEM education,” said Shafik Mina, President of Mad Science. “This huge spike in demand for our services pushes us to keep looking for ways to innovate and make science fun for everyone. We’re starting the new year off on a high and can’t wait to continue sharing the joy of STEM with more children all over the world.”

Mad Science® was founded in1985 in Montreal, Canada by two brothers, Ariel and Ron Shlien. At the age of 12, Ariel used three hundred dollars he had saved working a paper route to purchase a helium-neon laser and started offering laser light shows to local DJs. Soon after, the teacher of a science and technology course at a local Montreal YMCA brought in the brothers and their laser to offer his students a great grand finale to his course. The brothers’ hobby of conducting spectacular science experiments to the amazement of the children in their neighborhood grew into a thriving business. In 1995, Mad Science began franchising with offices in Toronto and Miami. By 2000, the Mad Science Group counted 86 locations.

Today, Mad Science® has over 150 locations, all a part of a global franchise network in 20 countries. With cutting-edge programs with a focus on STEM, they are in the perfect position to exceed and continue being the premier service provider in this expanding segment.

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About Mad Science

For over 35 years, Mad Science® has developed science programs that are kid-tested and approved. From their humble beginnings to the present day, they have always believed that hands-on, fun STEM experiences form the foundation of a lifelong love of science, technology, engineering, and math. Today, Mad Science is the world's leader in science education for children with over 150 franchise locations in more than 20 countries. For more information visit,