Mad Science Eyes Expansion in Atlanta

July 08, 2021

Montreal Mad Science®, the leading name in children’s science enrichment programs, is looking to expand its brand in the Atlanta area and surrounding communities. Mad Science plans to have franchise locations operating throughout the greater Atlanta area, covering everywhere from Greenbriar to Buckhead, this could be an excellent opportunity for the right entrepreneur.

“The Atlanta area and surrounding suburbs are ripe for Mad Science franchise locations,” said President, Shafik Mina. “We’d love to see these territories in the hands of qualified and talented entrepreneurs within the next 12 months.”

Mad Science’s steady growth is fueled by the increased demand of parents actively looking for ways to keep their children engaged and learning outside of school. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, children and parents have been struggling with distance learning inhibiting opportunities for creativity and imagination. The demand for a creative outlet has skyrocketed due to parents’ desires to get their children in extracurricular activities, summer camps, and after-school programs.

“We believe that there is a great amount of opportunity in the Atlanta area and we’re excited about our plans to expand here,” said Mina. “We love that parents, children, and our franchisees see the impact Mad Science is making, and we are thrilled to share this opportunity with the Atlanta community as well.”

Mad Science® was founded in1985 in Montreal, Canada by two brothers, Ariel and Ron Shlien. At the age of 12, Ariel used three hundred dollars he had saved working a paper route to purchase a helium-neon laser and started offering laser light shows to local DJs. Soon after, the teacher of a science and technology course at a local Montreal YMCA brought in the brothers and their laser to offer his students a great grand finale to his course. The brothers’ hobby of conducting spectacular science experiments to the amazement of the children in their neighborhood grew into a thriving business. In 1995, Mad Science began franchising with offices in Toronto and Miami. By 2000, the Mad Science Group counted 86 locations.

Today, Mad Science® has over 150 locations, all a part of a global franchise network in 20 countries. With cutting-edge programs with a focus on STEM, they are in the perfect position to exceed and continue being the premier service provider in this expanding segment.

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About Mad Science

For over 30 years, Mad Science® has developed science programs that are kid-tested and approved. From their humble beginnings to the present day, they have always believed that hands-on, fun STEM experiences form the foundation of a lifelong love of science, technology, engineering, and math. Today, Mad Science is the world's leader in science education for children with over 150 franchise locations in more than 20 countries. For more information visit,