Fibrenew Celebrates Substantial Growth at International Convention

September 26, 2022

BLACK DIAMOND, AB (SEPTEMBER 26, 2022) – Hot off the major milestone of surpassing 300 locations, Fibrenew, the world’s largest leather, plastic and vinyl restoration franchise, celebrated with its franchisees at its international convention in Nashville in early September. With 88-percent of the brand’s 301 franchisees in attendance, it was monumental occasion to honor Fibrenew’s sustainability and continued growth over nearly four decades.

From individuals who have been with Fibrenew for as long as 37 years, to rookies just weeks into their journey with the brand, along with women owners, veterans, power couples, and those who show exceptional teamwork within the brand, every franchisee was recognized at the convention.

“It was important to us that every franchise owner be recognized during the convention in Nashville because we would not have exceeded 300 locations if it weren’t for each and every one of them,” said Fibrenew President Jesse Johnstone. “It was great to see so many of our franchisees in one place and celebrate this achievement together, from the very first franchise owner to now our 301st. We can’t wait to see how much more we can grow.”

Among the “rookies” in the crowd was Jorge Figueroa, whose Kissimmee, Florida location is credited with pushing Fibrenew to reach the 300 locations mark. Figueroa said the support he received from the entire Fibrenew team was instrumental to reaching his goal of opening and servicing customers in the Central Florida area just a month after training. Figueroa compared the convention to the Super Bowl, and used it as an opportunity to learn from others who had been with the brand for decades.

“The openness and family-like atmosphere of Fibrenew, knowing there are 300 other franchisees you can go to for support, is exactly what brought me to the brand in the first place,” Figueroa said. “I saw this convention as an investment in my company and in my future, especially to see all these other franchise owners in person and learn from their success stories so early in my time here.”

In addition to the copious amount of information learned at the convention, Figueroa says one of the biggest takeaways was learning about Fibrenew’s podcast, which he now listens to on a regular basis. The brand’s latest mini-series, Fibrenew Business Models, showcases the various types of business models within Fibrenew, featuring the advice and business insights of franchisees who have grown their location’s annual revenue at exponential rates.

Fibrenew looks to continue the momentum of the brand’s substantial growth seen throughout the year, which already saw more than two dozen franchise additions in the first two quarters alone.

About Fibrenew

Fibrenew is a leading mobile service franchise that specializes in the repair, restoration, and renewal of leather, plastic, vinyl, fabric, and upholstery. With a rich history that dates back to 1985, Fibrenew manufactures a highly-specialized proprietary product line and has pioneered the repair techniques and exclusive color matching technology used by its technicians every day. With 301 franchise locations and 350+ technicians across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia, the company’s eco-friendly restoration services save customers time and money by offering an alternative to replacing their damaged couches and chairs, car and marine components, commercial furniture and more. For more information about Fibrenew franchise opportunities, visit