Children’s Lighthouse Announces New Lighthouse BRIGHT™ Curriculum

September 06, 2022

FORT WORTH, Texas – Children’s Lighthouse Early Learning Schools™, the nation’s leading provider of high-quality early childhood education, announced today its new curriculum curated to aid in the development of infants and toddlers in its care, Lighthouse BRIGHT™. 

“Since our founding 25 years ago, Children’s Lighthouse has always been dedicated to providing families in the communities we serve with top-notch education and quality childcare,” said Dr. Kristi Smith, Director of Education and Training at Children’s Lighthouse. “This new curriculum further emphasizes that mission with a specific focus on the infants and toddlers in our care. The first several years of a child’s life are crucial and through our new relational curriculum, we’ll be able to set the foundation for a successful academic career and life.” 

Lighthouse BRIGHT™ is a unique curriculum dedicated to aiding in the development of infants and toddlers as they experience the greatest period of mental and emotional growth in their lives. Through the curriculum, students will learn basic autonomy and self-help skills while acquiring the formative skills necessary to participate in Lighthouse CARES™, Children’s Lighthouse’s preschool program. In addition, Lighthouse BRIGHT™ also puts an emphasis on positive relationships during custodial care like feeding and potty training. The curriculum makes sure that in these moments, Children’s Lighthouse teachers use positive language to help develop healthy young brains. As infants progress through the program and move to higher classrooms, Children’s Lighthouse’s clearly defined Learning Areas are gradually woven into the child’s curriculum until eventually, they are ready for independent learning along with big and small group instruction. 

The mission of Children’s Lighthouse is to give children a safe, loving place to learn, make friends, and build confidence. Children’s Lighthouse does this by partnering with parents to develop children through three age-appropriate curriculums designed with specific needs of children in mind. Additionally, franchisees across the network are actively involved with their local communities and regularly give back through volunteering, donations and more. 

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The Children’s Lighthouse brand was established in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1997. Children’s Lighthouse Early Learning Schools™ are the nation’s leading values-based early learning schools. Currently, Children’s Lighthouse Franchise Company has more than 60 franchised schools in operation and 25 additional franchised locations in the development pipeline. Children’s Lighthouse Early Learning Schools™ promise to create a safe, fun, and happy place that gives children confidence, a sense of comfort today, and a lifelong love of learning, friendship, and community. Its proprietary curriculum helps children of all ages develop healthy brains, bodies and best behaviors. 

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