General Description

The International Franchise Association is seeking a Board Liaison to work closely with the Board of Directors, Board Committees, Advisory Bodies, the IFA Senior Staff, and the IFA President/CEO.  This role focuses on ensuring that the Board Members are engaged, energized and aligned with the mission of the IFA.  Specifically, the Board Liaison will take the time to uncover and understand a Board member’s interests and passions so that the Board member has the opportunity to become engaged in projects that fit their needs and interests. Additionally the Board Liaison will ascertain on a regular basis, through direct engagement with Board Members, to learn their business challenges so that the IFA is fully informed with the challenges that Franchising Leaders face. This role will work as an interface between IFA Senior Staff (Foundation, GR, Membership), the Officers, IFA Committees, the CEO, and various other stakeholders to use the board and it’s members, both individually and collectively, to strategically advance the IFA’s mission, priorities and objectives.  A successful candidate in this position will assemble the input from the Board and work with the IFA staff to curate viable action steps in the protection of the Franchising Business Model and to provide valuable support for the IFA membership.   The ideal candidate needs to be outgoing, gregarious, fearless, inquisitive, selfless. This person needs to have a preference to organize a disparate group of people for useful purpose.

This role offers an excellent opportunity to participate in the strategy, operations and governance of a major trade association. The Board Liaison serves as the primary point of contact for the Board and will support Board and the Executive Committee as a strategic thinker and project manager.  The role will be responsible for design and implementation of regular Board meetings, identified Committee meetings, and other events as needed, ensuring that objectives are clear, and the Board, Officers, and President/CEO are well prepared.  The role will attend to sensitive matters, decision-making processes, and documentation of outcomes in support of Board activities.  The role has a strategic focus and regularly exercises considerable discretion and independent judgment in the performance of duties. Additionally, this position will spend a portion of its time supporting the CEO as back-up to the Executive Assistant.  


Board Engagement and Content Collection

  • Proactively contacts Board Members to understand their background, interests, passions (in regards to the IFA), business challenges, and gets the Board Members engaged in IFA projects based on their knowledge and interests for the good of the association
  • Since the Board Members are representative of the IFA members, shares Board Member’s business challenges with the IFA content team so relevant content can be created for the benefit of all members.


  • Actively participates in coordinating the orientation of new Board Members, officers and Committee Chairs.
  • Ensures the timely preparation, publishing and distribution of materials (requests, agenda, schedules, notices, resolutions, etc.) for the Board and Board Committee meetings.  Coordinates with other departments to provide approved content.
  • Works with the Board and Committees to review policies. Works with staff, legal counsel and Board Committee chairs to prepare required documents relating to the effective operations of Board and Committee meetings. Composes and/or records resolutions.   Prepares minutes as required for all meetings.
  • Organizes, maintains, tracks and safeguards all files related to the Board governance, including, but not limited to, Board meeting and Committee minutes, resolutions, agenda, historical board information, approved policies and activities, in accordance with bylaws and procedures. Ensures these materials are available internally and externally as appropriate.
  • Works with the Chairs to ensure an effective and functional recruitment process for new Board and Committee members.

Board Support

  • Attends and schedules telephone calls and Board meetings, as required or requested, and records and approves official minutes, items discussed, and decisions made.
  • Coordinates internal and external presentations and speakers for Board-related events.

Executive Administration

  • Coordinates with the Executive Assistant to the CEO/Senior Staff, building a strong team in the executive office.
  • Operates with a clear understanding of the breadth of projects within the Senior Staff and CEO/President’s purview.
  • Manages the correspondence between the President/CEO, Board and other parties including key IFA Committees and staff.


The best candidate to hold the position of Board Liaison would be:

  • Supremely organized and detail-oriented
  • Able to manage and maintain multiple and conflicting priorities, while ensuring achievement of results
  • Able to perform under pressure
  • A calm and rational mediator
  • Results/action-oriented work style; strong strategic, analytical, planning and problem-solving skills; able to successfully navigate within varying degrees of ambiguity in a fast-paced environment.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Highly proficient with office technology and a variety of business applications.
  • Unquestionable personal code of ethics, integrity, and trust; ability to handle highly confidential information.
  • Intuitive mindset, creative aptitude, and effective use of discretion and independent judgment; able to look beyond the assigned task and consider tangential and collateral connections, problems, opportunities and possibilities.

To apply, send resume, design portfolio and cover letter including salary requirements to   

About the International Franchise Association (IFA)

The International Franchise Association (IFA) is the world’s oldest and largest organization representing franchising worldwide. For over sixty years, the IFA has worked to educate Franchisors and Franchisees on beneficial methods and business practices to improve franchising. IFA is a non-profit trade association that works through its government relations and public policy, media relations and educational programs to protect, enhance and promote franchising and over 700,000 franchise establishments that support nearly 7.6 million direct jobs, $674.3 billion of economic output for the U.S. economy and 2.5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).