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International Franchising Articles


Articles on International Franchising

 Mircrofranchising & Meso-Lending in India (2013)

Franchising: The Best Way of Investing in Brazil (Forbes, July 2012)

From Franchising World 

 Economic Impact in Brazil Reaches New Heights in 2010 (2011)

 Guidelines Franchise Agreements (2011) 

 Is Australia the Gateway to Expansion in the Pacific Rim?  (2011)

Best Practices for International Franchising: Be Aware of Cultural Differences (2011)

Dealing With the Complexities of International Expansion (2011)

Perspectives in International Franchising (2011)

U.S. Commercial Service to Franchisors:  Seize the Trends and Grow Globally (2011)

Four Questions to Consider Before You Go International (2011)

International Franchise Expo Continues to Set the Bar High (2011)

Where to Take Your Franchise in 2011 (2011)

Perspectives in International Franchising (2011)

Capturing Your Share of the World’s Growing Market (2011)

What a U.S. Franchisor Will Want to Know About a New Country (2011)


Franchising in Frontier Markets (2010)

Franchises Focus on Global Expansion Strategies (2010)

International Development:  How to Get From Here to There (2010)

Avoiding and Managing System-wide International Litigation (2010)

Match Your Brand to the Best International Market (2010)

Successful International Expansion For Small to Medium Sized Franchise Networks (2010)

Outsourcing the International Development Function (2010)

Cyprus - A Growing Market for Franchising (2010)

Keep Your International Expansion Expectations Realistic (2010)

China: 2010 and Beyond (2010)

Reform of European Union Rules on Distribution (2010)

Establishing and Justifying International License Fees (2009)

International Marketing: Identifying Allies, Competitors (2009)

Addressing Health, Quality-of-Life Issues (2009)

Ex-Im Bank: A Valuable Partner For IFA Members Seeking To Export (2009)

Franchisee Motivation Survey Report (2009)

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Implications on Systems, Franchisees  (2009)

Determining the Best International Partner (2009)

Franchising is Key to Global Economic Recovery (2009)

Focusing Your Global Development (2009)

International Expansion: Proven Strategy During Economic Uncertainty (2009)

Vietnam: Ready for Franchising (2009)

Key Business Issues For U.S. Franchisors Expanding Into Canada (2009)

Understanding Top Legal Issues in International Franchising (2009)

Next Global Stop: Ranking Franchise-Friendly Countries (2009)

International Symposium: Good News, Opportunities  (2009)

International Franchising: A Different Perspective From the United States (2009)

Picking the Best European Countries for Franchising  (2009)

CFE Program Launches in Singapore and Thailand  (2009)

International Expansion: Do Opportunities Outweigh Challenges?  (2008)

Strategies for International Development in Uncertain Times  (2008)

Going overseas…Very Carefully  (2008)

Finding Local Counsel in International Markets (2008)

Purchasing International Multiple-Unit Development Rights (2008)

Legal Enforcement of International Relationships: What Makes Sense for the Business (2008)

Franchising Systems Reveal International Expansion Desires (2008)

Expanding Your Brand Culturally (2008)

Franchising’s Appeal: Market Growth in Saudi Arabia (2008)

India: Market for the Masses  (2008)

IFA and ServiceMaster Clean Discover a World of Opportunity in China (2008)

Canadian Franchise Legislation: Finding the Balance (2008)

Australian Regulatory Changes: The Consequences (2008)

Franchising in Brazil (2008)

Bulgaria-Bullish on Franchising (2008)

Franchising Industry Expected to Expand in Middle East  (2008)

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to Host First Franchise Expo and Conference  (2008)

CERTIFIED FRANCHISE EXECUTIVES™ Program Expands to India  (2008)

IFA, Lebanese Franchise Association Sign Promotion Pact  (2008)

Overlooked Financial Resource Supports Emerging Markets (2007)

Amended FTC Franchise Rule Eases International Franchising (2007)

Will This Concept Work Internationally in a New Country… Again? (2007)

Does Your Franchise Need an International Partner? (2007)

France Serves as a Gateway to Europe (2007)

Franchising Strikes a Cord Down Under (2007)

Australia’s Evolving Franchise Laws: Help or Hindrance? (2007)

Consider New Zealand Your Next Franchise Development Stop (2007)

Franchising in Panama and Central America (2007)

The Future of Latin America (2007)

Franchising in China (2007)

Franchising Rides Waves of Economic Expansion in Asia and Pacific Rim (2007)

IFA Efforts Key to Favorable China Franchise Regulation  (2007)

Franchising in the Middle East, Dubai, and Beyond (2007)

Franchising Possibilities in Turkey (2007)

African Franchising: Cross-Continental Momentum (2007)

Franchising Your Concept in Egypt (2007)


From DLA Piper's Francast

European Union's New Block Exemption Rules Enter Into Force June 1 (2010)

Clarifying the South African Law (2010)

Ausatralia: More Regulation from Down Under (2009)

Franchising into Australia (2009)

Good News for Franchisors Operating Down Under (2008)

Franchisees in Australia? Get Your Disclosure Document Ready Now (2008)

Overview of the Amendments to Australia's Franchising Code of Conduct (2007)


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A Comparative study of American franchises on the Central and Eastern European markets: entry strategies, implementation issues and market adaptation.  The report is in two sections; one regarding franchisees and one pertaining to franchisors. Report prepared by Milena Mihaylova



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